Single Servings

  1. Single Serving: VÉRITÉ – Wasteland

    New York’s VÉRITÉ has returned with her biggest pop tune to date. With the weekend upon us, “Wasteland” is appropriately upbeat and rainbow-hued with a driving beat to accompany her as she sings, “I want a heart unbreakable / so I can feel it all.” Take a listen.

    Take a listen to a rainbow-hued and upbeat new jam from up-and-coming New York based pop diva VÉRITÉ.

  2. Single Serving: Purity Ring – bodyache

    Future pop duo Purity Ring have returned with another single from their forthcoming LP Another Eternity. The lovely and brilliantly lit “bodyache” comes packaged with some lovely visuals (see below). Act quick and you can score the limited-edition white vinyl version of Another Eternity from 4AD (out March 3rd).

  3. Single Serving: Leon Bridges – Lisa Sawyer

    Leon Bridges isn’t reinventing the wheel, but he’s definitely hitting upon something different with his vintage jams. We described his debut tunes by noting that Bridges “doesn’t just reclaim the sounds of early Southern soul and gospel, he writes songs as if he were possessed by the ghost of Sam Cooke himself.” That continues to prove true on Continue…

  4. Single Serving: Cuushe – Tie

    Japanese siren Cuushe has returned with the Night Lines EP, her fourth proper release with Cascine in collaboration of Tokyo-based label, flau. The record is due April 7 and will be presented as a noir-styled storybook, unfolding along four tracks to expose a haunting soundscape, complete with bad guys, funeral processions and skyscraper-sized floral arrangements. Continue…

  5. Single Serving: Black Honey – Madonna

    Brighton four-piece Black Honey are back with a double a-side single featuring new cuts “Madonna” and “Spinning Wheel.” The sweltering, psychedelic pop rocker “Madonna” is the first of the pair to drop and you can stream it below. The single will be released in a limited edition run of CDs via Duly Noted Records that Continue…

  6. Single Serving: Death Cab for Cutie – No Room in Frame

    I’ve always had great admiration for Ben Gibbard; as fellow engineering major, an incredible musician, and for his adeptness with a pen; he inspires me to keep my creativity out of captivity. I’ve always been impressed with his word-smithing and enormous poetic competence, he posses this ability to transform the simplest song lyrics into deep, Continue…

  7. Single Serving: The Tallest Man On Earth – Sagres

    Kristian Matsson is back! The Swedish troubadour who records as The Tallest Man On Earth has unleashed the first single from his upcoming fourth album Dark Bird Is Home. “Sagres” is reminiscent of the classic, folk influenced sound we’ve come to expect from him, but showcases a much broader musical palate than with previous efforts. Continue…

  8. Single Serving: Pooltheory – The Dreamer

    The debut single “The Dreamer” by Los Angeles-based Pooltheory is a total vibe. Built around a soft-strummed acoustic guitar and a sweeping melody with soaring choruses, it’s somewhat reminiscent of Yoshimi-era Flaming Lips. It’s definitely a promising introduction. Give it a spin below.

  9. Single Serving: WIN WIN – Waster

    “Find another lover, take another pill.” WIN WIN‘s “Waster” is a debaucherous psychedelic anthem for the rebellious youth. With it’s feel good hand claps and fuzzed out “woo-hoos,” you will surely lose all regard for authority as you cruise your skateboard past the no skateboarding sign, snap-back turned sideways and a cigarette hanging from your Continue…

  10. Single Serving: The Weather Station – Way It Is, Way It Could Be

    The Weather Station is the musical endeavor of Toronto based singer/songwriter Tamara Lindeman and “Way It Is, Way It Could Be” is the opening track from her forthcoming third album, Loyalty. The song evokes the most hushed work of fellow folkie and countrywoman Joni Mitchell as Lindeman’s voice floats over ebbs and flows of instrumentation. Continue…

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