Single Servings

  1. Single Serving: Twin Caverns – Pyramid

    Sydney’s Twin Caverns has entranced me with their latest single, “Pyramids.” Louise Millar’s soft enchanting vocals petrify you in a steady state of dreams while Michael Macias casts magical spells on you with a his DARKSIDE-like guitar work. Backed by a steady beat and a gypsy’s tambourine it’s an eerily haunting song, one in which Continue…

  2. Single Serving: Sheer Mag – Button Up

    This latest single from Philly’s Sheer Mag is simply incredible. For real, I don’t think I need to say more than that. Take a listen and enjoy.

  3. Single Serving: Iles – In Tents

    This jazzy, mesmerizing track from Iles showed up in my inbox yesterday and immediately caught my ear. It’s built around a subtle arrangement of finger snaps, layered guitar, and bubbly bass riffs. I’ve listened to it about five times in a row. It’s slated to appear on the upcoming album Apartments.

  4. Single Serving: Tei Shi – Go Slow

    Fresh off a hugely successful run at this year’s SXSW, Turntable Kitchen favorite Tei Shi just dropped her latest single “Go Slow.” It’s a slinking, subtle groove built around a lurching bass riff and brightly sparkling keys that accent her sultry croon. It’s both sexy and fun. It will appear on her forthcoming new EP Continue…

  5. Single Serving: Kazy Lambist – Doing Yoga

    Imagine yourself walking through the streets after a perfect night at the club. It’s 5am and your are alone. On the way back home. You put your headphones to listen to one last little tune and the song that comes on makes you want to stop, to look around, and to take in the moment. Continue…

  6. Single Serving: Broken Back – Halcyon Birds

    Much like the Greek mythology of Halcyon Days, Broken Back’s “Halcyon Birds” is a tale of love and commitment. The sea charming guitar and tropical rhythm compliment and even invoke the thought of witnessing the sea dwelling Kingfishers found in the ancient story. While listening, I can practically see them gracefully gliding on the winds, Continue…

  7. Single Serving: Andrew Oliver – Headlights

    I first started following Andrew Oliver when my ears caught his catchy sun-clad single “Bells” a few months ago. Earlier this week though, he released his debut EP, Lazy Bones and the opening track “Headlights” has redirected my attention his way. The strums on the acoustic, steady percussion and slow drawn synths are keenly folded Continue…

  8. Single Serving: Nite Swim – Pool Party

    “Pool Party” is the debut single from recent University of Southern California grads Cary Singer and Aaron Childs who record as Nite Swim. The jam is a slick, tongue-in-cheek r&b groove crafted from sleazy funk bass riffs, clicking percussion and neon-lit synths. In other words, it’s an inviting tune that promises good times for all.

  9. Single Serving: vōx – Money (dream tiger immortal remix)

    Los Angeles-based Sarah Winters, who records as vōx (pronounced “wokes”), caught our attention late last year with her debut single “Better.” It’s a lurching, lovingly textured jam that clicks, stutters, and grinds along with steady-gazed confidence and powerful production. Let’s just say it was more than sufficient to convince us that she was one to Continue…

  10. Single Serving: Loon Lake – Surfin’

    With a weather forecast of sunny and 85 on this beautiful Northern California weekend, Loon Lake‘s “Surfin” is going to be the fuel to keep my party going till Monday rears it’s ugly face. How do you spell Friday night, world?

  11. Single Serving: Shura – 2Shy

    The UK-bsaed Shura impresses again with her latest single “2Shy.” It’s a sparkling and airy groove crafted around a shuffling rhythm and crystalline melody to accompany Shura’s cool, soft croon. Just further proof this girl’s going to blow up before you know it. If you’ll be in Austin next week for SXSW you can catch Continue…

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