Single Servings

  1. Single Serving: Nottee – Do You Love Me

    This new single from Sweden’s Nottee (aka Rebekka “Nonno” Drougge) has been stuck on repeat for us over this long weekend. It’s built around a bubbling, percussive rhythm and thinly threaded synth accents. Clean and infectious, it’s particularly obsess-worthy.

    Take a listen to a clean and infectious new single "Do You Love Me" from Sweden's Nottee.

  2. Single Serving: Oddisee – That’s Love

    This bright and upbeat single from Maryland-based Oddisee has been out for a few months now, but with the weather getting warmer and Summer only a few weeks away it’s a perfect time to revisit it. It’s a cool blast of squealing organs, jazzy percussion, and smoothly festive grooves that accompany Oddisee as he reminds Continue…

  3. Single Serving: The Night VI – Just Words

    London’s The Night VI continue to enchant us with their slick, glistening new single “Just Words.” It’s a glossy pop jam that sparkles and shines with a mellow r&b groove to accompany vocalist Sophie-Rose Harper as she sings, “Is it just words? Is it just me? Are you saying something real?” Take a listen below.

  4. Single Serving: Nite Swim – Convertible

    LA-based duo Nite Swim have returned with their second single “Convertible.” It’s built around warm synths, a pulsating rhythm, and smooth r&b crooning. There’s a definite retro vibe to the tune, but it’s still slick and new sounding. Take a listen and see for yourself.

  5. Single Serving: JEEN – NY Island

    Part of Broken Social Scene member Brendan Canning’s side-project Cookie Duster, Toronto’s Jeen O’Brien (JEEN) is set to release her debut solo album Tourist in June. One of a few songs from the album already floating around, “NY Island” is a bright and clearly catchy number that has a great garage-rock vibe to it. A fun pop song that’s just sweet enough.

  6. Single Serving: The Jensens – A New Hope

    When Brisbane garage band The Jensens penetrated the down under music scene in 2013 they described themselves as “five pals making incredibly loud music for your worst house party.” With four singles now under their belt, not much has changed. Their latest addition “A New Hope” is best enjoyed with the volume cranked way up Continue…

  7. Single Serving: Yuma X – Swimming Pool

    This groove from newly minted duo Yuma X (Lucy and Jake) is one of those tracks you can help you float away. It’s swaying and nearly weightless with a soft, feather-light melody and crisp, crackling beat that generate just enough heat to get you up and off the ground. It’s the duo’s first release, but Continue…

  8. Single Serving: POWERS – Beat Of My Drum

    We all know the start of the working week is no fun, but this jam from LA-based duo POWERS will help you get your week off on the right foot. It’s a kinetic blend of disco and pop that just builds and builds until it explodes into an exceptionally catchy chorus. If you’re feeling hooked, Continue…

  9. Single Serving: La Luz – You Disappear

    Seattle’s La Luz are returning this Fall with a brand new album titled Weirdo Shrine. It was recorded in a surf shop in San Dimas with the assistance of Ty Segall who produced the album and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the album’s first single “You Disappear” sounds exactly like what one might expect. Blending doo-wop harmonies, wet Continue…

  10. Single Serving: Billie Black – Going Under

    19-year-old London singer / songwriter Billie Black will follow her last years’s debut 000 100 EP with a new one titled Teach Me set for a release on 25th May. Here is the first track from it, a bit different from the rest of the EP but she said she wanted to get it up Continue…

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