Single Servings

  1. Single Serving: My Morning Jacket – Magic Bullet

    I love everything about this new My Morning Jacket jam but particularly the sentiment of the accompanying note: “violence is never the answer. only love. we all need to be a part of the discussion. part of the solution. how long will it take before we realize- we are all the same. this is not idealistic dreaming. Continue…

    Take a listen to a beautiful new single from My Morning Jacket.

  2. Single Serving: Katy Goodman & Greta Morgan – Bastards of Young

    In light of the overwhelming support we received from our SOUNDS DELICIOUS Kickstarter campaign (now available to pre-order here), it has become pretty clear that our listeners/followers have an affinity for covers and collecting vinyl. So while all of you beloved backers are patiently waiting for your first shipment to land on your doorstep, take Continue…

  3. Single Serving: Still Corners – Lost Boys

      Big ole fan of Still Corners here and they have a new single that I’m feeling. It’s called “Lost Boys” and it’s sleek, slick and deceptively snarling. At the outset it feels like a cold, repetitive vibe that sails by like unassuming landscape on a long drive. As it progresses, though, it proves to be much more Continue…

  4. Single Serving: Kurt Feldman – Unprepared

    This new single from Kurt Feldman (a.k.a. Ice Choir) is my new jam. It’s simply oozing with glistening synths, quietly danceable beats, and silvery, dreamy guitar riffs. We’re cruisin’ down the Rainbow Road again guys. If the name’s familiar but you can’t quite figure out why, it might be because of his work with either Continue…

  5. Single Serving: Angel Olsen – Shut Up Kiss Me

    Stop what ever you were doing: Angel Olsen has a brand new single and music video titled “Shut Up Kiss Me” and, naturally, it’s awesome sauce (much like the single/video for “Intern” – which you can see here). Pre-orders for the new album My Woman are here. “Do I need to give more attitude?”

  6. Single Serving: Hoops – Cool 2

    Bloomington, Indiana four-piece Hoops have the perfect jam to keep you cool during the balmy dog days of Summer. Appropriately titled “Cool 2” it’s a tight, breezy vibe that’s over before you know it. On repeat. You can nab this from Fat Possum records.

  7. Single Serving: Cymbals Eat Guitars – 4th Of July, Philadelphia (SANDY)

    Gah, is it just me or is this new Cymbals Eat Guitar material stupid good? I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to “Wish” already but that sax KILLS ME every damn time. And this latest single “4th Of July, Philadelphia (SANDY)” is just as nuts. That’s all I’m going to say about this stuff Continue…

  8. Single Serving: Maggie Rogers – Alaska

    These days life has been a finespun balance of work, family, living and eating; weaving through the ins and outs of the day-to-day often leaves me both mentally and physically exhausted and by the evening my brain slumps in a rut. I can always count on music during these times, granting my mind time to Continue…

  9. Single Serving: La Plage – Saint Antoine

    We’ve been La Plage fans for a little while now, but this new track “Saint Antoine” from the Belgian trio is something else. It’s both blissful and psychedelic. It’s like riding shotgun with Yoshi, celebrating arms in the air, after narrowly avoiding a blue shell of death to take first on Rainbow Road. There’s a little swag to it, but Continue…

  10. Single Serving: Archawah – Jungles

    We’re digging the shuffling, rhythmic groove of this latest single “Jungles” from Archawah. It’s the project of Chris Archibald and it’s the second taste he’s served up from his forthcoming self titled EP (drops June 20th) and we’re very proud to premiere it this morning. It’ll sound mighty fine tumbling out of your speakers. Mighty. Fine.

  11. Single Serving: Cerise – Smoke Screen Dreams

    This vibe “Smoke Screen Dreams” from LA by way of Chicago songwriter Cerise is the single best new piece of music I’ve heard this week. It’s airy and darkly romantic with serious presence. It’s the opener and title track from her debut which drops June 24th.

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