1. Single Serving: Black Honey – Bloodlust (Demo)

    Earlier today, Brighton-based critic’s darlings Black Honey released the fourth and final single “Bloodlust” from their debut EP. It’s a raucous, snarling stomper with an explosive beat, wet reverb-soaked guitar riffs, and swagger-filled vocals. Fiery, propulsive, and psych-tinged, it’s another reason to love these rock ‘n roll up-and-comers. The physical edition of the EP is on limited-edition CD and Continue…

    Fiery, propulsive, and psych-tinged, "Bloodlust" by Black Honey offers another reason to love these hotly-tipped rockers.

  1. Musical Pairings:
    Ejecta – Dominae

    If you’re not already familiar with them, Ejecta is the project of vocalist/songwriter Leanne Macomber (Neon Indian) and producer/multi-instrumentalist Joel Ford (Ford & Lopatin). It’s also a character the duo created as inspiration for the project. In volcanology, ejecta refers to the “the sediment which settles to the ocean floor after an eruption or seismic shift” Continue…

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  1. Pairings Box Singles:
    TK037: Black Honey – Sleep Forever b/w Teenager

    Like most people, we have our favorite bands that we’ve been listening to for years and years, but we’ve always been the most excited about music when it’s a hot new discovery. Well, you won’t find many bands that are newer and more exciting than Brighton up-and-comers Black Honey. In fact, they’re so new they haven’t even released Continue…

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  1. Served Three Ways:
    Three Covers of Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You”

    We’re tapping into a brand new Served Three Ways for you today. As always that means we’re dishing out three covers by three different artists of the same song. In the past we’ve featured covers of songs by Grimes, The Knife, and Drake. Today we have three different interpretations of Frank Ocean‘s gorgeous single “Thinking About You.” Below, Continue…

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  1. Mixtapes:
    Pairings Box 3rd Anniversary Mixtape and Giveaway

    “Nothing turns a house into a home like music and cooking.” I’m anonymously quoting a gift message that accompanied a recent Pairings Box gift because it perfectly sums up the reason we created both Turntable Kitchen and, later, the Pairings Box. We believe that happiness is being surrounded by family and friends, with a favorite record playing Continue…

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Single Servings

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