1. Single Serving: Young Ejecta – Your Planet

    Young Ejecta (formerly known simply as “Ejecta”) just dropped the second single from their upcoming mini-album The Planet. Titled “Your Planet” the track opens with the soft, breathless croon of front-woman Leanne Macomber before fading into a wide-open, free-wheeling synth-lit groove courtesy of producer/multi-instrumentalist Joel Ford. It’s quite lovely. If you missed it, you can hear the album’s first single Continue…

    Take a listen to the lovely and effervescent new single "Your Planet" from Young Ejecta (formerly known as simply Ejecta).

  1. Musical Pairings:
    Kindness – Otherness

    Genres are an infuriatingly inadequate means of describing a song. Pop in particular is an incredibly amorphous genre. For example, Chubby Checker’s “The Twist” was a pop hit in 1960. Compare that one to Radiohead’s 2000 opus Kid A – also described as pop music (including by frontman Thom Yorke) – and you’ll struggle to find much in the Continue…

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  1. Pairings Box Singles:
    TK038: Daniel Wilson Killed Ya b/w Please Dream Again

    Good music sometimes defies description – but that doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t compare it to anything else. In fact, sometimes the problem is that a song calls to mind too many things at once – making it hard to cleanly categorize it. The initial output of Ypsilanti, Michigan songwriter Daniel Wilson is like that. Continue…

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  1. Served Three Ways:
    Three Covers of Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You”

    We’re tapping into a brand new Served Three Ways for you today. As always that means we’re dishing out three covers by three different artists of the same song. In the past we’ve featured covers of songs by Grimes, The Knife, and Drake. Today we have three different interpretations of Frank Ocean‘s gorgeous single “Thinking About You.” Below, Continue…

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  1. Mixtapes:
    Mid Autumn Mix

    We’re just past Autumn’s mid-point which means we’re getting ready for one of our favorite holidays: Thanksgiving. I think you know we love food around here so, as you can imagine, we’ve got our hands full planning and prepping our menu. And, as you can probably also imagine, we believe that any extended expedition into the Continue…

  2. TK038

  3. TK037

  4. TK036

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Single Servings

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