1. SOUNDS DELICIOUS: Ava Luna Covers Histoire de Melody Nelson

    As we announced via Brooklyn Vegan awhile back, the latest release in our SOUNDS DELICIOUS series finds Brooklyn-based Ava Luna tackling a full album cover of Serge Gainsbourg‘s 1971 classic Histoire de Melody Nelson. And, wow, they did not take the responsibility lightly. Their version is fittingly orchestral. There’s a string section. There’a choir. There’s Continue…

    Take a listen to a pair of singles from the full album cover of the Serge Gainsbourg classic LP Histoire de Melody Nelson by Ava Luna

  1. Musical Pairings:
    The Parlor – Wahzu Wahzu

    Husband and wife duo Eric Krans and Jen O’Connor, who record music as The Parlor, did not mean for their latest album Wahzu Wahzu to have much depth. In fact, they were aiming for the opposite. Their stated goal was to pen nothing more than “a dark, but meaningless candy-pop album.” Something fun, sweet, and Continue…

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  1. Pairings Box Singles:
    TK070: Smoke Season – Perspective Fresh Mixtape

    “Where all the good days have gone.” You’ll probably notice the lack of a question mark. That’s because it’s not a question posed by Gabrielle Wortman, who fronts LA-based duo Smoke Season, but a place: “Its time to go where all the good days have gone.” There are a lot of ways for a listener Continue…

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  1. Music Features:
    The 7 Best Turntables of 2017

    6 Best Turntables of 2017

    A while back we published a popular guide to selecting the best turntable for a beginner. In that guide, we discussed the differences between belt drives direct drives. We talked about built-in preamps versus stand alone preamps. Although some of the products have been discontinued or updated, a lot of the discussion itself is still relevant Continue…

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  1. Mixtapes:

    Welcome to the page for all of the digital assets for TK070. Below you’ll find downloadable copies of the tracks from this month’s vinyl plus a digital Spotify mixtape featuring some of our favorite new music. Smoke Season – Smoke Season 7″ (.zip file) 01. Smoke Season – Good Days 02. Smoke Season – Low Continue…

  2. TK069

  3. TK0SD

  4. TK068

  5. TK067

  6. TK066

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