1. Single Serving: Maggie Rogers – Alaska

    These days life has been a finespun balance of work, family, living and eating; weaving through the ins and outs of the day-to-day often leaves me both mentally and physically exhausted and by the evening my brain slumps in a rut. I can always count on music during these times, granting my mind time to Continue…

    Take a listen to the swaying and rhythmic single "Alaska" from Maggie Rogers.

  1. Musical Pairings:
    The Parlor – Wahzu Wahzu

    The Parlor - Wahzu Wahzu

    Husband and wife duo Eric Krans and Jen O’Connor, who record music as The Parlor, did not mean for their latest album Wahzu Wahzu to have much depth. In fact, they were aiming for the opposite. Their stated goal was to pen nothing more than “a dark, but meaningless candy-pop album.” Something fun, sweet, and Continue…

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  1. Pairings Box Singles:
    TK057: Baby Dayliner x Fusilier EP

    My CD collection once numbered more than 1000 discs. But over time, especially as digital music became more pervasive, I lost my appetite for broken jewel cases and flimsy, scratch-prone discs. Today my CD collection numbers well below 100 total. For that matter, I don’t own a CD player. I feel little nostalgia for the Continue…

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  1. Music Features:
    SOUNDS DELICIOUS is coming soon!

    It’s official. Yesterday SOUNDS DELICIOUS met its funding goal on Kickstarter! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported it so far. You. Are. Awesome. If you missed the announcement you might be wondering what SOUNDS DELICIOUS is. Well, it’s a monthly vinyl subscription service that delivers full length, limited edition cover albums recorded by Continue…

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  1. Mixtapes:

    Oh yeah. Sexy, sexy MP3s for your downloading pleasure. It’s all right here. The music from the wax, from the mixtape. Love the music and it’ll love you right back. Baby Dayliner x Fusilier Split EP (.zip file) 01. Baby Dayliner – You Push I’ll Go 02. Baby Dayliner – Don’t Ghost Me (feat. Blockhead) 03. Fusilier – Continue…

  2. TK056

  3. TK055

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Single Servings

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