1. Single Serving: S – Brunch

    As a former member of Carissa’s Weird, it’s no surprise Jenn Ghetto’s solo project S is an emotionally charged musical endeavor. But, thankfully, with her latest track “Brunch” it’s not just about bringing the sad. Even with lyrics that detail a bad breakup, the catchy vocal performance and instrumentation bounce along enough to mask some Continue…

  1. Musical Pairings:
    Spoon – They Want My Soul

    Spoon - Rent I Pay

    “It sounds like a Spoon album,” is how a friend described Spoon‘s latest full length They Want My Soul. And, for the most part, she’s right. It’s fastidiously produced. It’s a rock ‘n roll album. It packs plenty of “boom” to stand out at a crowded, lively gathering and, yet, sounds even better on a pair Continue…

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  1. Pairings Box Singles:
    TK035: Paperwhite – Take Me Back b/w Magic

    Nostalgia is powerful. That sense of longing for the past can be deeply evocative. But what’s particularly interesting to me as a fan of music is how music can transmit a sense of longing for times and places we’ve never experienced. For example, when I listen to the 1973 LP Gil & Jorge I feel Continue…

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  1. Served Three Ways:
    Three Covers of Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You”

    We’re tapping into a brand new Served Three Ways for you today. As always that means we’re dishing out three covers by three different artists of the same song. In the past we’ve featured covers of songs by Grimes, The Knife, and Drake. Today we have three different interpretations of Frank Ocean‘s gorgeous single “Thinking About You.” Below, Continue…

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  1. Mixtapes:

    Welcome to the freshly baked download page for TK034. This month we’ve been inspired by the heat of warm summer nights and the mix reflects that theme. It’s a nice blend of scorched rock n roll and steamy synth pop. As always, it was compiled by listening to hours and hours of submissions and picking out our Continue…

  2. TK033

  3. TK032

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Single Servings

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