Help celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of the Pairings Box! We're giving away a copy of every vinyl single we released in the last year including a rare Local Natives test pressing!

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Pairings Box 3rd Anniversary Mixtape and Giveaway

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“Nothing turns a house into a home like music and cooking.”

I’m anonymously quoting a gift message that accompanied a recent Pairings Box gift because it perfectly sums up the reason we created both Turntable Kitchen and, later, the Pairings Box. We believe that happiness is being surrounded by family and friends, with a favorite record playing on the stereo and the smell of good food cooking in the kitchen.

Three years ago, we introduced the world to the Pairings Box with this premise in mind. Since then, we’ve expanded to accept more than twice our initial production. We went through a brand redesign. We collected our recipes into a cookbook. We’ve done it all without external funding, office space, and only with occasional help from friends (our first few months and around the holidays). Despite our growth, we still individually hand-number, package, and ship each and every box ourselves. And a lot of love goes into each month’s shipment — from the recipes we create in our kitchen to the music we select after hours of sifting through music shared on the Internet.

We don’t have ‘a marketing person’ or ‘customer service.’ This can be both awesome and crazy but we’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of devotion, enthusiasm, and support we’ve received from our community. Some of our subscribers have been with us from day one and we can’t find the words to thank you.

We’ve also proud to say that the Pairings Box now travels all over the world. In addition to the hundreds of copies shipping throughout all 50 states and each of the Canadian territories, multiple copies ship each month to Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Greece, the UK, Brazil, and more.

One of the most rewarding aspects of our work has definitely been seeing bands we initially championed go on to enjoy some of the world’s largest stages. We’ve always focused on promoting the best up-and-coming artists (most of our releases are still debut singles) and the positive reviews those artists later receive in hugely popular music publications like Pitchfork, FADER, Stereogum, NME, NPR, and so forth, are extremely gratifying. As the hype for our artists grows, so does the value of the Pairings Box singles themselves. We’ve seen copies of our past months’ singles sell online for over $150 – when they are available at all.

Celebrating year 3 with an anniversary playlist and giveaway

To mark our 3rd anniversary, we’ve put together a playlist and a little giveaway.

The playlist features one song from each of the artists who’ve worked with us in the past year on the Pairings Box, including: Paperwhite, IYES, Cathedrals, A Million Billion Dying Suns, Blood Cultures, Oxford Drama, Running In The Fog, BASECAMP, Army Navy, Local Natives, 8th Grader, and POP ETC. We’re so grateful to each of these talented musicians for helping us make this year so awesome.

For the giveaway, we’re offering a copy of every single we’ve released this year. The winner will receive a rare gold club edition of each of the following: BASECAMP, Cathedrals, POP ETC, Oxford Drama, Paperwhite, Blood Cultures, A Million Billion Dying Suns, 8th Grader, IYES, Running In The Fog, and Army Navy.

Win Local Natives’ ultra-rare black-vinyl test pressing

We don’t have any remaining gold club copies of that the Local Natives single so, in addition to the above-mentioned gold club singles, we’re including an ultra-rare black vinyl test pressing of the Local Natives single (only five copies of the test pressing were made).

To win, all you need to do is leave a comment below. One comment per person, please. You can double your chances of winning by sharing this post on the social media platform of your choice (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) along with the hashtag #happyanniversaryTK. You can even share on all three for three entries. We’ll pick a winner on Monday October 6th.

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Posted by Matthew Hickey

Matthew is the music editor and co-founder of Turntable Kitchen. He’s addicted to vinyl records, pour over coffee, craft beer, small batch bourbon, and pan roasting pork chops.

  • Rich Leighton

    One could get a Morning Bender listening to POP ETC…

  • Marjorie

    Congrats guys! It has been amazing and inspiring to see Turntable Kitchen grow and really kick toosh. The amazing music picks help keep me sane during the week, keep it coming! 🙂

  • Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • Would love to win this! Still waiting on my first pairing’s box but I’m excited to see what’s in store for my ears and palate! 😀

  • Nicole

    Congrats you two! I’m so happy you’ve found success with your unique idea!

  • Evan

    Love the blog, love Local Natives, love everything, really tbh

  • Jeff

    Saving up so I can renew my subscription! The greatest of the subscription boxes #happyanniversaryTK

  • Jarrett_Koral

    Congrats! Even though I’m new, I’ve been watching what you do for a while and have loved the idea. Can’t wait to get my first Pairings Box and would be delighted to win the contest! 🙂

  • Outtenbucks

    Congrats on three good years and here’s to many more!

  • Emily

    Congratulations! I always enjoy checking in on the site and reading all the posts 🙂

  • Michael Stevens

    This is awesome!

  • Pepperguy

    Commenting to win is good stuff! Congrats on 3 great years!

  • Ivet Coronado

    Happy 3 years!!! This is such a beautiful and neat idea and I wish you guys many more successful years in the future!

  • DJ CritPaw

    Congrats on 3 years Turntable Kitchen! #happyanniversaryTK

  • sofia

    i researched so many subscription boxes and when i saw TK…i’ve never clicked a button so fast. congrats on three years!

  • Kelsey

    Huge congratulations, Turntable Kitchen!

  • Amity Gregg

    I may be a recent fan but I’m sticking around for all your future anniversaries! Thank you for all you do in curating lovely music and comestibles 🙂 Here’s to many more!

  • Sly Vinyl

    Congrats guys, you do a stellar job. You should be very proud of all you’ve created.

  • Dana Nelson

    Happy Anniversary! I look forward to my pairings box every month!

  • partea

    yay, congrats! hands down the best & most creative pairing box i’ve ever heard about.

  • Thu

    Happy Anniversary!

  • Aaron

    Keep up the great work!

  • Danielle

    Happy 3

  • Bianca Bradley

    I can’t believe I do not already subscribe to something so unbelievably awesome! Looks like exactly the sort of food that I love to eat!
    About 12 months ago I bought a record player so this would be utterly fantastic to help me with my very tiny collection!
    PS. All the best for the coming years. xx

  • Matthew

    What an awesome giveaway, happy anniversary !

  • Jamie Gadette

    Where does the time go? Three’s a charm. Happy Happy congrats!

  • Amanda

    Thanks to TK, I’m now a vinyl convert! Just got my first record player, Army Navy from TK is my first record. Can’t wait to add more TK singles to my collection. #happyanniversaryTK

  • Cara

    Seriously amazing giveaway — love what you folks do! Happy 3rd <3 and cheers to many more

  • Anna

    Happy Anniversary! You guys are the best!

  • Michael H. B. Wood

    nice work tk, thanks for the contest.

  • Joe Dolan

    Love the site! Love the pairings boxes. Keep up the awesome work! #happyanniversaryTK

  • Jenna O

    Happy Anniversary!! 🙂 What a lovely contest 🙂

  • Ashley Beckman

    What fun!! #happyanniversaryTK

  • STL_ben

    Love my record from you guys every month….but would love a chance at that test press! #happyanniversaryTK

  • Andrew Gauthier

    Awesome contest! Count me in!

  • Kristina N.

    Love this! Happy Anniversary!

  • Jenn

    Happy anniversary! Thanks for the opportunity to win some cool stuff, and thanks for all of the good music! (I became obsessed with Local Natives because you TK and they LOVED seeing the special pressing I received in my box when I went to their show!)

  • gnomed

    Worth a shot.

  • Kati

    Congrats! May you create many more delicious playlists and symphonic recipes in the years to come! #happyanniversaryTK

  • Michelle Malecha

    Lucky Three! I always keep a single in my record player for when I walk in the door after work.

  • kr

    Congratulations! I was gifted a 3 month subscription when you first started and I still talk about it. Great idea and wonderful execution – keep it up!

  • t.if

    Three years already?!? Congrats! Here’s to many more!

  • Baltina

    Congrats TK, you’re the best. Cheers to many more years.

  • Nes

    Happy anniversary and thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Kali Berry

    awesome giveaway! happy anniversary!

  • Angel Ro

    Happy anniversary!! Thanks for sharing the celebration with us! 🙂

  • Colton Berk

    Congradulations you guys! Love your recipes. The music is pretty great! If you guys are at Outside Lands again next year you should do a meet up!

  • Christine Trix Connelly

    Happy Anniversary!

  • gigi99

    Happy Anniversary, TK! Keep the music coming!

  • Congrats! Happy Anniversary!

  • Joi

    I have loved my boxes and the cool recipes. And exploring music I might have missed.

  • A(nDroid)Sebrell

    I’ve enjoyed mine and given a few out as gifts!

  • nos

    Stoked about the prospect of slow cooking goulash to slow rock.

  • Geoff Cline

    The freshest, tastiest idea of the 21st century. So glad to see you thriving doing what you, and I, love–sharing great new music and amazing food. Words are insufficient to describe how good this is. Kudos & congrats.

  • It seems that Turntable Kitchen’s keen ear is matched by their discerning palate. Would love to taste samples of both.

  • Marc Hughes

    Congrats on all the success! I look forward to seeing that box on my porch every month and finding out what awesome is inside. Keep up the great work!

  • Lindsay

    This is fantastic! Love it!

  • Alicia Lux

    As someone who regularly sends packages and correspondence via the mail of the snail, I love opening my post box and having a treat waiting for me each month – especially one that holds accessories to my twin passions of music and food. Thank you for creating this service which brings much joy to me 🙂

  • Julia Robinson

    I’ve loved watching this site change and grow over the past few years. Thank you for turning me on to the best music and recipes, and congrats on the third anniversary of the pairings box!

  • Many happy returns!

  • Happy anniversary & many happy returns of the day! 🙂 What a great giveaway — thank you for the opportunity!

  • Ali Joseph

    Wow congratulations TK! After several years hiatus you have finally got be back in the kitchen and cooking for friends. I’ve had more dinner parties since i subscribed to your pairings box than i have for years. Thanks for all the the rad mixes too, I’m also now collecting vinyl!

  • Chris

    Thanks, TK, for teaching how to make the perfect scrambled eggs while listening to great music. Look forward to the next three years and beyond.

  • Mitch Patrick

    Thanks for turning this college student into one that can cook! I do my best and with your aid I seem to pull through! A good ear with a well tasted palate is something you guys perfect, thanks! 😀

  • Anton Kieck

    Such a great concept, pairing food with music – sharing in South Africa

  • Bob Pawloski

    You have done a great job in highlighting up and coming music.

  • Diana Langenkopf

    I’m so glad your project has turned 3 years old because you two are amazing people and I always appreciate Matthew’s sophisticated taste in music.
    Thanks a lot for your incredible job, keep creating interesting stuff.
    Greetings and love from Italy

  • JKriner


  • kira

    So very wise an sage–music and food make for magic

  • Syakira

    Cool, finding TK by accident, and I love it, the music and the food such a good combination, happy anniversary !

  • Karen Prowse Clysdale

    I discovered Turntable Kitchen through Up! Magazine on a WestJet flight a couple of years ago, and knew this would be an awesome Christmas present for my foodie music fan husband. We shared his Christmas present with our friends during our “monthly” dinner club, and we all loved it – yum!

  • Sarah Norton

    The only thing that could make Turntable Kitchen better for me would be if you were my next door neighbor. Then I could share and participate in the sonic and gustatory alchemy more than once per month! Happiest Anniversary wishes Kasey and Matthew!!

  • J.c. Ayala

    Happy Anniversary TK. Your philosophy is the same that’s kept my kitchen delicious and dancing for years. I was turned on to you by a fellow artist & I’ve been sharing your pairing magic as gifts w/ friends and family ever since.
    …might be time to break down and give myself a gift.

  • Christy C. Beshears-TheFirst

    Happy anniversary, Turntable Kitchen!

  • Tom

    Music = Love ÷ Food. Music x Food = Love.

    Loving your brilliant combination of the two as it were, and a happy anniversary!

  • Sara S

    Happy Anniversary!

  • Megan

    Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  • Brian

    Congrats awesome contest!

  • Jazzdab

    Happy anniversary! Am really enjoying my pairings subscription!

  • Gabriel

    Happy Anniversary Turntable Kitchen!

  • trickster

    Happy anniversary!

  • dmdv1

    Very very cool

  • I shared this on FB, Twitter, and Pinterest! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! 🙂 Does it come with a subscription to the box? 😉

  • Victoria

    Thanks for the love TK! Happy Anniversary!

  • Steve Lopez

    Happy Anniversary, I’ve been a big fan going on a year now and thank you for broadening my taste in music and in the kitchen. Wish you guys the best of luck.

  • Martin

    Great deal, thanks for doing this.

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