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A Peek Inside the August Pairings Box (Japanese-Inspired Evening)!

A Peek Inside the August Pairings Box!

The recipe collections we feature in our Pairings Boxes are inspired by a range of experiences, and the August Pairings Box was one of the most exciting we’ve worked on. The collection was inspired by our trip to Japan (part of our partnership with UGG Australia‘s Creative Council) and each recipe brings me back to our travels.

A Peek Inside the August Pairings Box!

Our hope is that the Japanese-inspired box would transport you as well. With hand-crafted recipes that draw from the flavors and textures of the cities we visited, a Premium ingredient (Organic Nori) that would help you achieve these combinations, an exotic Musical Pairing, and an exclusive digital mix packed full of the best new music, we think this collection really epitomizes what the Pairings Box is all about: an opportunity to explore, play, and share an experience with friends and family.

A Peek Inside the August Pairings Box!

The recipes inside last month’s Pairings Box included:

Chilled Japanese-Style Tofu
Deconstructed Sushi Rice Bowl
Broiled English Peas

A Peek Inside the August Pairings Box!

Our wonderful sponsor, UGG Australia (the folks behind the Creative Council), kindly sent over 25 $100 gift vouches for us to slip into random subscribers’ boxes. If you were one of the lucky folks to score a gift certificate, we hope you’ve had a chance to pick out your pair. UGG Australia’s selection of boots and slippers are insanely comfy and well made…we pretty much live in ours these days and I can’t wait to wear my boots on upcoming winter trips to Tahoe and Ohio.

A Peek Inside the August Pairings Box!

Last month’s Pairings Boxes ended up going out later than expected due to an unanticipated delay with our record plant (it was the first time something like this has ever happened in the two years we’ve been running the biz), but we hope they were worth the wait. We’d love to see pics of your Pairings Box, the record, and any recipes you make from it. Be sure to use the hashtags #pairingsbox and #creativecouncil when tagging your photos on Twitter and Instagram.

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We’re also THRILLED to celebrate the 2-year anniversary of the Pairings Box with our September Pairings Box, featuring one of our favorite bands, Typhoon.

A Peek Inside the August Pairings Box!