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9 Cookbooks to Gift This Holiday Season

9 Cookbooks to Gift This Holiday Season

Every year, I put together a cookbook gift guide because cookbooks make excellent gifts. They can say so much (like, “I hope you invite me over for breakfast one morning” or “Congratulations on moving in together!”). They’re equally appropriate to give to your best friend as your colleague.

If you’re curious, you can browse my gift guides from 2012, 2014, and 2015 (2013 is strangely MIA). Here are 9 books (in no particular order) that are worth gifting this year.

  1. It’s All EasyIt’s easy to write off a cookbook written by a celebrity but I was pleasantly surprised by It’s All Easy. There aren’t any wild and crazy dried mushrooms in the ingredient lists, and there’s even a recipe for pasta carbonara (and no, it’s not made of zucchini, though there’s a recipe for zucchini noodles, too).
  2. Sweeter Off the Vine: Yossy’s stunning photography makes her fruit-based desserts pop off the pages. I made her rhubarb and rye upside down cake this spring and have had this book sitting on my coffee table for months. It’s so beautiful.
  3. A Modern Way to Cook: I have a number of vegetarian cookbooks but none have inspired me as much as Anna Jones’ (well, maybe with the exception of Heidi Swanson). I thought I was set with A Modern Way to Eat, but this one is worth gifting every bit as much.
  4. The Violet Bakery Cookbook: Love, Actually is basically my favorite holiday movie of all time probably because I want to live in Notting Hill and stroll around London wearing red mittens and a matching scarf. The Violet Bakery is neither in Notting Hill or featured in Love, Actually, but I love it for its very English feel. It makes me want to go get tea and biscuits immediately.
  5. The Gourmet Kitchen: From the creator of Savory Simple, this book is full of approachable recipes for the real home cook. Home cooking that is beautiful, unfussy, and approachable. What’s not to like?
  6. Small Victories: This is currently my favorite cookbook. So much so, that it is semi-permanently housed on the kitchen counter because I am always finding inspiration from it. This is a great choice for the beginner cook, as well as someone who’s looking for some fresh ideas for weeknight cooking.
  7. Molly on the Range: Molly is bringing all of my favorite things to the mainstream: tahini, halva, hummus, and marzipan. She’s also introduced me to the concept of ‘hotdish’ and I will forever be grateful for all of the above.
  8. The Forest Feast Gatherings: Erin’s beautiful watercolors make her blog and her cookbooks beautiful enough to display on your coffee table. This one would make a lovely gift for a frequent host.
  9. The Vanilla Bean Baking Book: Sarah’s lovely blog has been a long-time read of mine and her cookbook is just as warm, real, and inspiring as her site. I made the pumpkin-chocolate cake from it (and topped it with Sarah’s soft merengue recipe!).