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Sesame Salt Kale Chips: Let’s Talk Crazy

There’s a good reason why I’ve never shared a recipe for kale chips on Turntable Kitchen. The reason is that I had always thought that people who thought kale chips were tasty were batshit crazy. I’m not a potato chips kind of girl, but I’ve always thought those women who would rave about how their favorite ice cream flavor is actually non-fat frozen yogurt were just fooling themselves. I’ve done it myself, and I know. But let’s get back to kale chips.

They are not a replacement for potato chips. Just in case you thought that’s where I’m going here. They do not taste like anything fried. Again, I’m just trying to set some expectations. But there is just something about them, when they’re done right. Since they’re basically roasted kale, you can eat as many as you want, and never feel guilty. There’s something so utterly satisfying about that. They’re crunchy and slightly bitter. I don’t mind the little brown spots they develop in places where they’ve overcooked. I’ve made kale chips a few times now, but my favorite preparation is definitely the one I’m about to share with you. So, what’s special about these kale chips?

They’re tossed with a very tasty little mixture: sesame salt. You may have seen it before. I had previously made a batch of sesame salt as a topping for a salmon dish I shared recently. If you’ve made the salmon dish (or are now considering making it, ahem), you may want to set aside some of your sesame sea salt. It’s slightly nutty, salty (obviously) and a little crunchy. And it makes a fantastic addition to these kale chips. You may just make a batch and eat them all yourself in one sitting.

Sesame Salt Kale Chips

1 bunch of Lacinato kale
1 recipe for Sesame Sea Salt
2 tablespoons of olive oil
lemon zest (optional)

1. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees F.
2. Roughly chop the kale leaves crosswise. Discard the leafless stems.
3. Place the kale in a bowl and add the olive oil. Toss to combine.
4. Place the kale, in a single layer, on a lined baking sheet. Cook for about 12-15 minutes, rotating the sheet midway through baking, until the kale has crisped up.
5. Once the chips have cooled slightly, break any large pieces in half and sprinkle chips with sesame salt (to taste). If you want to add an additional flavor profile, toss the chips with a bit of lemon zest (a teaspoon or so).

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Posted by Kasey

Kasey is the food editor and co-founder of Turntable Kitchen. She loves dark chocolate, warm crusty bread, and traveling to new places. She speaks Russian, but does not like vodka.

  • Ha! I completely agree that the very best part is you can crunch away knowing you’re eating something very good for you. I think the crispiness is what draws people to them. I also don’t mind a few bitter brown spots! I think I have to try some sesame salt now 🙂

  • Dana

    I have tried so hard to like kale. I have tried so hard to like kale chips. But I still think you are batshit crazy. 🙂

  • Dana

    I have tried so hard to like kale. I have tried so hard to like kale chips. But I still think you are batshit crazy. 🙂

  • ooh, I’m totally going to make these for my Superbowl party. It might just be me and I might not watch the match, but there will be lots of snacks!

  • Love!

    PS. I am totally making kale chips for the first time tonight. Was thinking about doing different flavors – one batch of regular, one batch of spicy and this recipe seems like a great third option!

  • Hahahahah. You make a fair point! And I totally accept.

  • Kale friends! I think you’re right: it’s the crispness! I also like how thin and light they feel when you bite in.

  • Oh man, that is exactly how I feel about the Superbowl. I’m gonna make tasty treats (nothing to do with wings and nachos), not watch the game, and enjoy some chill time! Hope you have a great party!

  • Ohh, I hope you post about your recipes! I am definitely interested in variations 🙂

  • I love kale chips, but I understand your skepticism. I snuck lots of dehydrated kale chips at the raw, vegan restaurant this summer. By the way, people who say that raw, vegan cheese is good are batshit crazy. It’s not.

  • Omg, I love that you just said that. Let’s just be real, people! xo

  • These look so good and healthy!

  • Ha ha. I felt exactly the same way until I made them. This interpretation looks especially tasty, too. Also, I just wanted to say that it was so nice meeting you at Alt! I’m glad you told me about your site. I’ve been taking a look around, and it’s great.

  • Hi, Eva! It was so lovely to meet you at Alt! I LOVE the cards you gave out. I’m holding onto mine to give to someone special 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by – looking forward to staying in touch. Also, I’ve been popping over to yours and been really enjoying your posts. xo

  • Alice

    I hope this experience will make you reconsider people like me, who prefer non-fat frozen yoghurt to ice cream. I’m not saying it’s my favorite ice cream flavor, because it’s not ice cream, but that doesn’t mean it’s not delicious in its own right. And I don’t really like ice cream.

    I’m also skeptical of the whole kale chips idea, but I’ll give these a try. ^_^

  • Hi Alice, I love frozen yogurt (even though I do think that a lot of people say they prefer it to ice cream only because they know it’s healthier). But I can totally respect your preference! It certainly is delicious in its own right 🙂

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