The kind folks at Good Eggs are giving one lucky Turntable Kitchen reader a $150 gift certificate to be used toward the purchase of groceries in their operating regions.

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Giveaway: Win a $150 Gift Certificate to Good Eggs

Giveaway: Win a $150 Gift Certificate to Good Eggs

Our week of giveaways to celebrate the launch of Turntable Kitchen 2.0 continues! Read more about what’s new.

Have you heard of Good Eggs? They’re a fantastic company based in San Francisco that aims to build better food systems by connecting individuals to food producers and making it easier for you to get high quality local food. You order online, directly from farmers and food makers, and Good Eggs packages and delivers your goods to you. If fresh farm eggs, jersey milk, cheese curds, grass-fed meat, and fresh baked bread are your thing, we think you’ll be pretty jazzed about what these guys are offering.

Their operation is still pretty new: you can use Good Eggs in the Bay Area, Brooklyn, New Orleans, and Los Angeles.

The kind folks at Good Eggs are giving one lucky Turntable Kitchen reader a $150 gift certificate to be used toward the purchase of groceries in their operating regions. If you don’t happen to live in one of these regions, you can certainly re-gift the gift certificate to someone who does, or send a care package to a friend or family member who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, or New Orleans.

How to enter this giveaway

There are two ways to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post telling us why local food is important to you and share this giveaway on whichever social channel you use prefer. Be sure to tag Turntable Kitchen and Good Eggs in your post (@ttablekitchen / @goodeggs on Twitter, @turntablekitchen / @goodeggssf on Instagram).
  2. Enter via Instagram! Follow @turntablekitchen and @goodeggssf on Instagram. We’ll post a pic of the giveaway there with instructions on how to enter.

We’ll work with the Good Eggs team to select a winner based on the quality of their response.

You have until 5 pm PST on Thursday, May 8th to enter.

Good luck!

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Posted by Kasey

Kasey is the food editor and co-founder of Turntable Kitchen. She loves dark chocolate, warm crusty bread, and traveling to new places. She speaks Russian, but does not like vodka.

  • Amy

    Local food is so much fresher! Less chemicals! More delicious!!!

  • Rachel Titus

    Their website is filled with absolutley delicious-looking things! Local food is great because you know where it’s from… And that’s where you are. Not Chile or Argentina, like so much produce these days. Those local farms are a part of our individual communities, and you’re supporting what’s around you when you buy local.

  • J.

    Growing up I lived near a farm, that everyone in that town heard of. It was owned by 1 family for 100+ years. As I grew older I started to understand the importance. As eating local foods is better, b/c it has less environmental impact, preserves green-space, & farmland. I realized that family farm not only fed & kept up the well-being of its owners but it also helps to build up the local economy and/or revenue of the town. These smaller local farms aren’t producing mass quantity & speeding up the process just for the sake of production…and that’s a great thing b/c the less steps bet. the source & your table is a lesser chance of contamination. Overall, I tend to believe most local foods tend to taste fresher, & I love to help my community succeed.

  • Laura Podrasky

    Buying local to me means getting fresher food, supporting my neighbors, keeping more money in my community and having a smaller carbon footprint. I would rather know the names of the people growing my food!

  • Buying local means supporting my community. My roommate and I used to share a CSA, and her brother was one of the farmers that contributed to it. I loved knowing who I was getting my food from, and knowing about the back story of it. Plus, they had the BEST eggs.

  • millerboyz999

    Buying local foods helps to support local businesses and gives people the most fresh produce.

  • crystal s

    Buying local is important to me because I want to be able to support the hard working people who actually care about what they are selling and their customers. Buying locally grown food is a great way to eat healthy, meet new people, and maybe try a thing or two that is new to you!

  • Jennifer Essad

    my parents started taking us kids to the Eastern Market in Detroit on Sunday mornings when we were little kids, then to the Royal Oak Farmers Market on Saturday mornings-so many great finds, fresh vegetables, fruits, homebaked goods, crafts, meats, fish you name it. Fresh is best and meeting the growers even better

  • cezovski

    What a great prize! And I even live in the SF Bay Area! I also have friends who actually live in San Francisco who are getting married soon! What a cool gift this would be! I think it’s important to buy food locally. It helps the economy and it is fresher and tastes better! I like that the fish is from local fishing community with buyers in the San Francisco Bay Area! And the tea blends from Oakland! I didn’t realize that many of these places even existed, so even if I don’t win, I’m glad I learned about some of the local food sources from my area. So many foods I see in the grocery store are from Chile, Mexico and so on. We don’t have too many choices shopping in the local supermarkets, really. So this is a wonderful service to the people who live in their delivery or pickup area (like me)!!!!
    I shared and followed on Twitter (cezovski9)

  • meredith

    I enjoy local food because it not only tastes good and is fresher but I like knowing im helping out those in my community. Also, local grown = less driving/no shipping= less pollution 🙂

    I shared on twitter:

    movalbabysitter at

  • zinzarin

    Local food is critical to transforming our future. There are so many reasons! Economically: buying local supports the local community. Environmentally: buying local reduces the harmful effects of food storage and transport. Health: in some cases (honey, especially), local foods directly impact the strength of our own immune systems.

  • C Brown

    I live within a few seconds of acres upon acres of winter wheat fields. I know the important duties of local farmers who gets up early in the morning, pray for a nice day and start those tractor engines. It’s hard work so I make it a point to enjoy every morsel of food I partake in.

  • Local food is important for sustainability, education of food and the environment, and it is also good for local businesses. Buy local!

  • adrienne

    Eating local means I contribute less to environmental problems, but it also means I get to eat the bounty of produce at its peak rather than a mealy tomato from mexico. Moving to California has truly changed my idea of what eating local means.

  • Courtney Colburn

    Eating local means I support local business and workers.

  • cezovski

    Ok, obviously I didn’t win and never even had a chance of winning since neither of my comments ever showed up. Well, they did show up, but then disappeared….hmmmmmm…..

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