Single Serving: Years & Years - Real - Turntable Kitchen
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Single Serving: Years & Years – Real


Each year, the thrill of summer carries along with it desire for a particular song to capture the feeling of the season. Though one track is ultimately crowned the official ‘song of the summer,’ over the course of our warmer months a great many more are discussed with the “possible” modifier attached out front. The grand distinction inevitably winds up assigned to an undeniably catchy song, but generally the song of the summer is one without much artistic merit. Elevated to heights by that annoying phenomenon poptimism, invariably it is a top 40 pop song with mass appeal to the lowest common denominator. But! What if the song of the summer was actually good?

Enter “Real,” a certified banger from London electro-pop trio Years & Years. At once comfortable on the dance floor, it fits just as well as part of a mix utilized on your outdoor barbeque enhancing speakers. I may not know the specific criteria for eligibility regarding song of the summer, let alone agree with what others may think, but I have to hope “Real” should more than suffice.