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This giveaway is now closed. We’ve informed the winners. Sign up for a Pairings Box today.

We’re sold out of our very first Pairings Box, but we stashed a few aside for a few lucky readers who didn’t get a chance to purchase it. We’re thrilled to announce that we’re now accepting new subscribers (and gift purchases!) for the November Pairings Box. Got a birthday, house warming, or anniversary coming up? You can purchase a 1 month or 3 month gift subscription.

This month’s Pairings Box is packed with goodies: our first limited edition 7″ vinyl featuring The Motel Beds, a series of totally original recipes (if you haven’t heard already…breakfast is on our minds), a special Premium dried ingredient to help you make the recipes, a not-available-anywhere-else digital mixtape, and our tasting notes to help guide you along the experience.

So what are you waiting for? Leave a comment and tell us why you’d like to win one. And sign up for a subscription or purchase the November Pairings Box as a gift today! We’ll choose TWO lucky winners on Thursday of next week.

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Posted by Kasey

Kasey is the food editor and co-founder of Turntable Kitchen. She loves dark chocolate, warm crusty bread, and traveling to new places. She speaks Russian, but does not like vodka.

  • freitag

    You guys, these boxes are such a great idea! I want to win one to give to my younger sister, who just got her first grown up apartment, and is turning into a real whiz in the kitchen before my eyes (so proud!).

  • Marone

    I live in a co-op, and my housemates and I love putting on records while cooking for each other. We’ve already tried several of your mp3/recipe combinations, but this box sounds like it would help facilitate a fantastic lazy Sunday brunch (or dinner… or midnight snack… or whenever we felt it was time to rock out with our stock out, so to speak). Thanks!

  • there is nothing more exciting than having the party already by preparing the food
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  • Mandy

    Why? To impress my date with dinner at my place… followed by breakfast the next morning.

  • Kate Garklavs

    Eek! I’m so stoked for your Pairings Boxes. My beau and I love to cook, and he has the most enviable vinyl collection I’ve ever seen. The box would be perfect for us!

  • Why do I want a box? It’s full of my favorite things—great new music, recipes to try and fun ingredients! Duh!

  • Diane Bassette

    I love the variety of the contents! Nice assortment of goodies 😀

  • Because I’m so hungry for good food and fresh beats.

  • To give to my new roommate (my boyfriend!) in exchange for him buying all the groceries while I’m unemployed and concentrating on starting my craft business

  • I just had a nice elderly widow move in next door. This would be a perfect “welcome” gift.

  • Jeffrey Jerome

    I am a stereotypically broke college student in a house with five others, including four foodies, so our grocery bill is…less than modest. On Wednesdays, we have “Vinyl Vednesday,” and throw a potluck with our friends in which we eat, drink, and listen to records. This box would be a fantastic centerpiece to the night…or the slow morning after.

  • Kathy Eyre

    Because there is nothing better then listening to tunes and experimenting in the kitchen…

  • Hank Washer

    Almost everything I do in life is accompanied by music of some kind. I absolutely am obsessed with everything about it. For me this is is pretty much one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard of. In a world going so digital I feel that getting one of these boxes with a hand printed vinyl and ingredients/spices and recipes to make your eating experience better sounds like heaven. I love the depth a vinyl record gives music, it makes listening to anything better. Trying new things is always fun and Turntable Kitchen has taken two of my favorite things and made them that much better.

  • Looks like good stuff in that box! I’d like to win one because I have breakfast on my mind too and I love all your music.

  • Steph

    I want to win a box! Because I am a PhD student with a very boring life at the moment and this would add some excitement! 🙂 And because I still manage to squeeze in (some) time for cooking, and listen to music all the time while in lab. I’ll have to buy a record player to put next to all the other equipment I use…! AND because as soon as I get a real job and start making money (if I ever get out of here), I’m going to start subscribing myself!

  • I have been following you guys for a couple of years now and love all the new music that I have gotten from you. I am a bit intimidated by the food, but if I got the box I’d have no excuse to not cook from it! And that would open the door for me to try the rest of your awesome looking recipes.

  • I am the mom of two little ones and hubby and I need an excuse to put on some good tunes (yours) and have a date night in.

  • julia

    what an awesome idea to pair recipes with good music! nothing better than cooking while playing good music. i’m loving the new music discoveries from your site! thanks!

  • seriously. i’ve been dreaming of the day for a product that combines food and music. it’s everything i’ve ever wanted.

  • Shannon

    I’m a single girl living in my first (tiny) apartment. I would love the chance to put on some music and play foodie for an evening, even if I can’t open my fridge and oven at the same time.

  • MobileAL08

    Great site and nice giveaway. Happy to have found you!

  • Congrats Kasey and Matt on all your success! Miss you guys! Love, love, love every facet of what you guys have done with TK, especially the food porn. What camera & lens do you guys use?

  • Jenn Brooks Meyer

    Fantastic giveaway for your first Pairings Box! Congratulations and much success to Matt and Kasey!

  • Thanks, Mei! I actually use a Nikon D90…I have yet to upgrade my lens (but I’m workin’ on it!).

  • Queenie Darleen

    The pretty packaging alone is exciting, but what’s inside sounds like a real treat!

    I’ve been a reader for several months and would LOVE to have the Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box experience— I WANT the October Pairings Box!

  • Love your pairings!

  • Thank you!

  • Edarville

    Music and food together in unique and wonderful ways is just such an awesome concept. I would love to sample one.

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