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Noise Pop + Turntable Kitchen + GraffEats: You’re Invited!

We’ve always known that food and music go together like peanut butter and jelly (or Nutella and bananas). Since we started pairing our home-cooked dishes with sweet and savory musical accompaniment, we’ve been pleased to find that a lot of people totally got why it just…makes sense. We’ve never paired other people’s food with music before, but we’re excited to be doing it for the first time in a live event here in San Francisco!

Here’s the deal:

We’re joining forces with a super cool Guerilla Dining Society (graffEats), a super cool San Francisco music festival (Noise Pop), and FoxconSox Consulting (who is also- you guessed it – super cool), to bring you a a tribute dinner, so to speak, to culinary and musical covers. graffEats chef Blair Warsham will be cooking up his unique takes on some of modern chefs’ most well-known dishes, and Matt will be providing your musical soundrack.

The event is BYOB, $65/person, and will have four seatings (at 6 pm and 9 pm) on February 17th and February 18th.

You should come. If you’re into good food and music, have a fantastic bottle of wine lying around that you’re dying to pop open, want to know that we exist as real people beyond the internet, and want to see with your own eyes that an attorney can also MC. We hope to see you there! To read more about graffEats (and other underground dining experiences), check out this article in 7×7 magazine.