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Single Serving: Emay – Mind Alterning Dynamics

I’ve been pretty overloaded with “real life” type projects that have made it unusually difficult to put together a normal post, but that hardly means I’m about to leave you hanging. If you are anything like me then I know how bad you need your new music fix (you dirty music junkie you).  So here is your daily mainline of aural-ingested narcotics: Emay – Mind Altering Dynamics.

Emay is a Canadian-based rapper with an ear for unique rhythms that range from glitchy to straight-up distorted and a delivery-style that very-favorably compares to true-school hip-hop and experimental rappers like Dalek, Sole and Madlib.   The 8-track mini-album is available as a free download from bandcamp.

Emay – Lonely Night “Starlight”
Emay – Iron Pulse “Starboy”
Emay – So Beautiful

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