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Single Serving: Glasser – Ring

Glasser is the nome de guerre of “one-woman orchestra” Cameron Mesirow. Her debut, Ring, is scheduled for release tomorrow – Sept. 28 – on True Panther Sounds, and is definitely worth taking note of. Intriguingly thoughtful arrangements highlight catchy songwriting and beautiful vocals that can go head-to-head with most of Mesirow’s contemporaries including the likes of Musical Pairings’ favorites such as St. Vincent or Mirah. This is especially true on tracks like “Home” which is a swirling vortex of hand claps, synths and xylophone loops, or the more straightforward “Glad” which allows Mesirow’s lovely vocals to float care-free along a river of down-tempo doo-wop harmonies. There are a lot of highlights here and I won’t try to list them all, but it is worth noting that it is a thoroughly solid LP with no real duds. Take a listen to the track below to get a better sense of what you can expect. Ring is available in limited edition (500 copies) vinyl, which I highly recommend grabbing before they inevitably sell out (I’ve already bought mine). Get it from True Panther‘s website.

A few questions for my readers:

1) What would you pair this with? Kinda a tough one if you ask me.
2) If you’ve already heard the album – what is your favorite track?

Glasser – Home

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Posted by Matthew Hickey


Matthew is the music editor and co-founder of Turntable Kitchen. He’s addicted to vinyl records, pour over coffee, craft beer, small batch bourbon, and pan roasting pork chops.

  • Tobias

    Nice one. As for 1): I can’t really decide between something with fish or an oriental dish. 60:40 for the oriental …

  • musicalpairings

    I agree with you – there is definitely a traditional-asian vibe in the background, but it is mixed with so many other influences that maybe some kind of “fusion” dish would work…

  • Tobias

    A “fusion” dish… should be the best solution, yes.

    btw, I went through some of your older posts from June/July. I really enjoyed Planes, Typhoon and Longstay. Especially Longstay will stay long (haha ;) ) in my mind because of their classy website. All these black and white pics… great.

  • musicalpairings

    Ha! Yeah. I know I definitely spent a lot of time browsing through the Longstay website. I don’t know that I ever found all 4 of their hidden material.

  • Tobias

    It took me quite a while as well. I found 3 mp3′s and one video. I think that must have been everything. That’s definitely a good idea from that band, not giving away their material by just clicking the button and that’s it.

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