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Better Brew: The Coffee Gift Guide

This is the gift guide for your favorite coffee lover. The one who seeks out the best cup of coffee in every city he/she visits. The one who has a million little gadgets to ensure that every cup is smooth and strong. The one who knows the difference between light and dark roasts.

1. Burr grinder: Up your coffee game! A clean, consistent grind is essential to brewing the perfect cup of joe. We’re huge fans of this grinder’s ability to do just that.
2. Hario Coffee Drip Scale and Timer: Making a perfect cup of coffee is science. This scale will let you accurately measure every aspect of your brewing process. The included brewing set makes this a particularly great value.
3. Coffee Mug from Lile Pottery CoEveryone needs their signature mug and we love the shape, design, and colors of these mugs made by hand by Dodge Lile (of My Old Kentucky Blog fame). I use mine literally every morning.
4. Able Brewing Kone Coffee Filter: A reusable stainless steel coffee filter for your Chemex. Turntable Kitchen tested and approved (we use one every morning in our home).
5. Curated Coffee & Vinyl Pairing: An exclusive, limited edition 7″ vinyl from Turntable Kitchen paired with 12 ounces of delicious artisan-brewed coffee from a rotating roster of the best roasters in the country.
6. Ratio Six Pour Over Coffee Maker: We use our Chemex most mornings but, candidly, there are mornings where we’re very grateful for the convenience of our Ratio Six. Particularly when we have guests or on those mornings where we’re literally guzzling down coffee. The Ratio produces the best results by far of any automatic coffee maker we’ve tested and it’s so stylish and easy to use.
7. Brass & Walnut Pour Over Coffee Stand: For the coffee lover who wants to show off his or her coffee equipment, this beauty is made of brass and walnut.
8. Baker Potter Coffee Mug: If you’re like us, you can never have too many coffee mugs. We have a whole collection of these mugs in our cupboard (including the one in the picture above).
9. Aeropress: One of the easiest and tastiest ways to brew artisan coffee at home.
10. Chemex: Our go-to carafe for brewing our morning coffee (see How to Make Pour Over Coffee: With a Chemex).
11. The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee: A great book for your bookshelf or coffee table. Great for more than just coffee recipes too. We’re huge fans of their saffron snickerdoodles.