TK013: Turtle Giant - Gold Tooth (Killer) / All Light (Live Session) - Turntable Kitchen
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TK013: Turtle Giant – Gold Tooth (Killer) / All Light (Live Session)

I average anywhere from 40-80 music submissions a day. Let me tell you, when you receive new music in those quantities it can become increasingly rare to become genuinely excited about a new artist. It’s information overload. And, yet, that also makes it all the more special when you do discover an artist that you are truly impressed by. Macau, China-based trio Turtle Giant were one of those bands that had me hooked on first listen. As soon as I heard their All Hidden Places EP, I knew I wanted to feature them in a Pairings Box, and, thus, I’m extremely honored to announce that they are our featured artist on TK013.

The single’s a-side is the menacing and dark groove “Gold Tooth (Killer).” It’s a brooding, lurking jam dressed in all black and anchored by a dark, slinking rhythm and menacing, pulse-like percussion. Standing well-lit amidst the shadows, frontman Antonio Conceição sings incredulously: “Creeping my heart, you call me ‘killer’? Vulture our homes, and call me ‘killer’?” Stabs of guitar gleam bright and knife-like through the dark melody. It’s a mesmerizing noir-pop jam that blends together threads of everything from Interpol to Radiohead, Pearl Jam to Arcade Fire. That is to say that it sounds BIG.

The single’s b-side is the previously unreleased track “All Light” from a live session at Estudio EL Rocha in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It’s a crisp, spacious jam that ambles along a dark and dusty path studded with ringing piano tones, tight acoustic guitar strumming, and a sparsely shuffling rhythm. Ghostly howls swirl in the dry desert air as the lyrics float smoothly along: “I’m staring at the sun / it’s shining through your eyes. I’m searching for the pain / it makes you want to die.” It’s atmospheric and clean, further demonstrating a band that fully understands how to craft elegant, evocative, and thoughtful tunes. There is no question these guys will be a band to watch in the months and years to come.

Turtle Giant – Gold Tooth (Killer)

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