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Holiday Gift Ideas for Foodie Friends

Those of us with foodie friends know that you can never have too many cooking utensils, spices, oils, gadgets and gizmos. To me, these things are like shoes. I like items that look pretty and can sometimes sit on my counter and in my cabinets simply in case I ever have an occasion to use them.

A fellow blogger, Matt over at MattBites, has a great offer up on his site: 15% off O Olive oils. I haven’t tried these yet, but have been reading songs of praise about them on a bunch of food blogs. They’ve got some great gift sets of olive oils, champagne vinegars and tapenades. A great addition to any kitchen!

I just ordered myself a set of crystal champagne flutes from that I think would make a fantastic gift, particularly for someone that loves to host.

Recently strolling in Hayes Valley, I passed Christopher Elbow‘s artisanal chocolate shop and couldn’t help thinking what a great gift this would make. I love chocolate, but I rarely find myself buying fancy chocolate, so I’d love to get a box of these any day. The thing about gifts is, you want to get people things that they wouldn’t otherwise buy for themselves. My company recently hosted a choco-beer tasting party in anticipation of the holidays. Why not get someone some delicious chocolates and some beer or wine for a personal evening of tastings? Maybe throw in a few glasses, too.

Another idea? Unique, homemade items by local craftspeople. I love supporting small producers and shops and always find it satisfying to buy items that aren’t mass produced. Check out this shop on for handmade pottery. I particularly like this vase.

Have I mentioned I am LOVING Internet shopping these days? Happy hunting 🙂