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Single Serving: The Weeknd – Echoes of Silence

December 23rd, 2011

In terms of quality and quantity, The Weeknd have been ridiculously generous in their output this year.  Having previously released two excellent free mixtapes, they’re ending the year on a high note with the release of Echoes of Silence. It’s not as consistently strong as House of Balloons, but it certainly offers a welcome and substantial escape from all of the Christmas carols bombarding us over the holidays. Oh, and it includes a pretty awesome take on Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana.”

The Weeknd – D.D. (Michael Jackson Cover)
The Weeknd – XO / The Host
The Weeknd – Next

Download Echoes of Silence now.

  • Anoosheh Dastbaz

    I love The Weeknd and I’m really pleased TK have found some time for them here: I’d probably argue that it’s not trying to do the same thing ‘House of Balloons’, and is in some senses the stronger album, but forget all that, The Weeknd are awesome and I’m glad we agree.

  • Matthew

    Actually, despite my initial comment that it wasn’t as consistently strong as House of Balloons (which was made prematurely), I think Echoes of Silence is fantastic. In fact, I’d agree that there is a serious argument to be made that this may even be the better album. Either way, I can’t stop listening to it.