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Turntable Kitchen :: The June 2011 Mix

It feels like it has been awhile since we last sprung a mix on you, so today felt like a good time to unleash the June mix.  It’s packed with yummy pop treats, grimy lo-fi indie rock and sexy (albeit a little on the naughty side) r&b.  If you have sensitive ears and would like to avoid some of the more… ahem… scandalous lyrics, I might suggest avoiding the track from The-Dream (but it is a really really good song).   Anyways, there is so much here that I’m pretty sure you’ll find something you like.

Turntable Kitchen :: The June Mix (.zip file)

01. Soft Power – 1,300 Decibels
02. Oregon Bike Trails – High School Lover
03. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr – Simple Girl
04. The-Dream – Body Work / F*ck My Brains Out
05. Domo Genesis – Boss’ Life
06. Spank Rock – Energy
07. Purity Ring – Lofticries
08. Drake – Dreams Money Can Buy
09. STS – STS is Gold
10. The War on Drugs – Baby Missiles
11. Super Wild Horses – Black Book
12. glisk – Emlin
13. Lightouts – And It Comes And Goes
14. Making Friendz – Situation
15. Atlas Genius – Trojans
16. White Denim – Anvil Everything
17. Giraffage – Visible
18. Washed Out – Amor Fati

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Posted by Matthew Hickey

Matthew is the music editor and co-founder of Turntable Kitchen. He’s addicted to vinyl records, pour over coffee, craft beer, small batch bourbon, and pan roasting pork chops.

  • Nice!!!

  • Colleen Lenore

    this is FANTASTIC.

  • DJ SplitLip


  • MC

    Hi! The link doesn’t work… 🙂

  • Sorry, for some reason I received a take down notice for the .zip file. Which is strange since none of the individual tracks were removed and to the best of my knowledge all of the tracks have been approved for sharing. But at this point I’ve learned to stop looking for reason in the issuing of those take down notices.

  • MC

    Hi Matthew! Your mixes are really great!
    I just tried to download the complete mix, but the link [] still doesn’t work.
    There is still the message “This shared file or folder link has been removed.”.

    Best regards MC

  • Give it another shot. It should be fixed now.

  • Mombochild

    Just found out about this site. I’m into bluegrass. Apparently it must pair well with picnics and BBQ because that is what is always served during a bluegrass concert.

  • Man these are great, but one request, can we please work on some better tagging? Honestly, you guys are amazing for these and all you do so I hate saying anything, but just thought I should throw it out there.

    Also what TT room do you guys hang in, I’d love to come listen to you spin sometime.

  • Hey Scott. No offense taken. Still, I’m not quite sure what the issue is with the tagging. Could I ask you to send me an email at matthew at turntablekitchen dot com and let me know how you think it could be improved? It would be very appreciated.

  • PFD

    Not sure if the files are protected somehow, but I can’t play more than one song at a time in windows media player, and none of the downloads work in iTunes. The vinyl is great and the chilis are hot, but I would love to put some of this stuff on my ipod. Thanks.

  • Hey PFD. Not sure why you are having that problem. The files aren’t copy-protected and should play fine in iTunes. I just tried them on two different computers and they were ok. Maybe the file got corrupted when you downloaded them for some reason. I’d recommend deleting the files, redownloading them, and trying again.

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