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Frozen Banana-Chocolate and Peanut Butter Loaf: The Possibilities

There is a neatly arranged time and place for everything in life, including peanut butter. I used to tell Matt, even before we were married, that I believed in the concept of soul mates. Something about our meeting and the way that we clicked made me feel confident that there was a reason that I had never been in love before. Not like that. Matt was not so sure. He thought it wasn’t so much that we were ‘meant’ to be together, but rather, that the timing of our meeting happened at the best possible point in time. Nowadays, I think we both believe in a combination of the two. That some things are meant to be, and timing is inevitably a game changer.

The way that we feel about people, places, smells, tastes, sights and sounds, hangs in the delicate balance of so many other factors. Take place, for example. Our childhood home evokes a certain memory for us when we are 8, 18, and 28. Our tastes in colors can change. One day, the world is black, and the next, tangerine. Others, still, it’s stark and white. One day, a stranger might walk into our lives and remain a stranger. Another, that stranger might become a trusted friend. A comforting soul. What makes the pendulum swing this way or that? Well, I cannot speculate. But, in my life, a number of occasions have caused me to sway one way or another.

My relationship with chocolate has been a steady love. We have not wavered. Peanut butter is another story. I first met peanut butter as a child of eight. At the time, I was still eating black bread sandwiches lovingly packed by my mom in a Little Mermaid plastic lunchbox. The other kids, they ate jam slathered between two slices of white bread that looked positively plastic. The untextured jelly was layered with a thick spread of tan cream. For years, I never developed a taste for it. I would occasionally eat it mixed into savory Thai sauces when I had already transitioned into adulthood. And I enjoyed the simple, salty taste of peanuts. But in creamed form? Especially in sweets, especially mixed with chocolate, my favorite. That I never learned to love. And then, then something clicked.

I ate a bar of chocolate from Poco Dolce. A peanut butter-bittersweet chocolate bar that I bought for Matt, but decided to take a small nibble of myself. And it was magic. This misunderstanding. This miscommunication we’ve had for years. It dissipated. And I ate the whole bar. I dreamed of the perfect combination of peanut butter and dark chocolate, but I knew we’d have to start slow.

A few weeks ago, I purchased a new loaf pan, I grabbed a few bananas, a bar of my favorite baking chocolate (Valrhona) and some freshly-made peanut butter. And off we went, mashing, chopping, mixing, blending, pouring. Until a loaf so lovely, nearly frozen, and sprinkled with crunchy peanuts, settled on our table. The richness of the chocolate was softened by the banana and if you concentrated hard, you could taste that unmistakable, but barely detectable, taste of peanut butter. It happened, and we devoured it in two sittings. I’m still thinking about it. And the possibilities of changing your mind. On everything from peanut butter to people.

Frozen Banana-Chocolate and Peanut Butter Loaf
adapted from Martha Stewart

12 ounces of bittersweet chocolate, roughly chopped
3/4 cup of fresh peanut butter (preferably creamy, though some chunks are ok)
2 ripe bananas
1 cup of heavy whipping cream, whipped until stiff peaks hold
1/3 cup of roasted peanuts, roughly chopped
nonstick cooking spray or canola oil (for coating the loaf pan)

1. Generously grease a loaf pan with cooking spray or canola oil. Line the pan with parchment or waxed paper, letting the paper hang over both sides.
2. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler, stirring until it’s completely smooth. Allow it to cool to room temperature.
3. Place the bananas in a food processor and puree them until they are completely smooth.
4. Stir the peanut butter into the melted chocolate until combined, then stir in the banana puree. Slowly fold in the whipped cream until combined. Stir until all of the ingredients are incorporated.
5. Pour the mixture into the prepared pan and sprinkle evenly with the chopped peanuts.
6. Fold the edges of the parchment paper over the top of the loaf and tightly wrap the whole thing in plastic wrap. Freeze for approximately 3 hours (until firm).
7. To serve, slice the loaf into 1 inch thick slices.

Musical Pairings: The Walkmen – You & Me + Frozen Banana-Chocolate and Peanut Butter Loaf

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Posted by Kasey

Kasey is the food editor and co-founder of Turntable Kitchen. She loves dark chocolate, warm crusty bread, and traveling to new places. She speaks Russian, but does not like vodka.

  • Hannah

    The most beautifully written post about bananas, chocolate, and peanut butter I think will ever be published. Simply magical, Kasey!

  • This is a dangerous post for a pregnant woman with severe chocolate and peanut butter cravings. Lovely insight, Kasey. I used to be quite stubborn in admitting a change of heart/mind (whether with peanut butter or people). Now, I see it as a learning experience; a time of growth. And that’s something I’m always okay with.

  • Thank you for this post, Kasey. It’s just what I needed to hear. I kinda/sorta/mostly believe in soul mates (or at least want to believe) and I wonder if I’m in the right place to meet mine. One thing I know with certainty is that I love chocolate and peanut butter, combined and separate, always and forever! I might have to wallow in Valentine’s-induced self-pity with a fat slice of that frozen chocolate and peanut butter loaf. 🙂

  • Hi Kate! I am a big believer in ‘everything happens for a reason’ and I also think that those soul mates can sneak up on you at times when you least expect them to 😉 No need to wallow on V-day! When I was single, I huddled up with my close single friends and we celebrated each other! Now that I’m married, I actually look back at those days pretty fondly and I really cherish the time I spent being single, being ‘married’ to some of my friends, and really getting to know myself and what I wanted. xo

  • You and I must be made of the same stuff because stubborn is my middle name. But, as my mom says, when you get older, it makes sense to start ‘adjusting.’ 🙂 This is def. the stuff pregnant woman must dream of…make it and indulge!

  • One big virtual hug to you! Thanks so much for the sweet words. I love magic 🙂 xoxoxo

  • I love peanut butter. Especially when paired with chocolate 🙂 Recently I’ve been into almond butter. I’m wondering if that would work here?

  • Peanut butter, banana, and chocolate are probably my 3 favorite (sweet) things to eat together! Yum!
    I can understand the early PB aversion. I remember being grossed out by squished PB&J sandwiches on white bread when I was a kid. My mom combined PB with bacon or lettuce on sandwiches a lot, which grossed me out until I tried them!

  • Idle Wife

    I need to make this so badly!

  • Don’t worry, I’ll just wallow for a minute. 😉 I’m sure I’ll spend V-day laughing with a good friend over wine. I much prefer being single to being in an unhappy relationship!

  • I bet almond butter would be delicious, too…and maybe even hazelnut butter? But let’s not get ahead of ourselves 😉

  • Girl, you have my imagination running wild. PB + Bacon + lettuce + bread? We might be trying this…

  • Yea you do! 🙂

  • Love, love your writing and this story! This looks delicious – pinned 🙂

  • You’re so sweet! Thank you 🙂

  • Everything you write is so true! I love thinking about everything that had to happen for my parents to meet in the Philippines and then again in New York. Stephan’s and my story wasn’t nearly as exciting, but the music was good 😉

  • Someday, I hope you’ll share both of those stories with me (and us, your blog readers), Noelle!

  • Chez Us – Denise

    Romantic you are! I, like to believe in soul mates, and am sure I found mine; but, there is always that teetering of Matt’s thinking behind relations as well. I, do believe we do the things we do and meet the people we meet for reasons, that may take years to surface. I, do love “love”. And chocolate with peanut butter! Mmmmm

  • Oooo, I’ve never had hazelnut butter. I’m sure I’d love it though. Just saw a post on homemade pecan butter. Sounds scrumptsh!

  • Meganjgordon

    So glad to be back reading my favorite blogs! This looks wonderful, Kasey. I’m a little bit the opposite in that I rarely buy peanut butter because I can’t be trusted alone with it: I like it a little too much. Especially late at night. So we’ve finally unpacked the kitchen and I’m eager to bake…this just made it to my Evernote (LOVE me some Evernote). xox

  • You are so sweet, lovely! I’m glad to hear that you’ve finally arrived, unpacked and are settling in. I hope Seattle is treating you well! Sounds like your ‘problem’ with peanut butter is similar to the one I face with Nutella 😉 Yay for dropping it into Evernote! xo

  • Yes! Kate from Cookie & Kate wrote about it and I am totally curious/excited to try that out, too. So many options!

  • Hm, funny, I never think of myself as a romantic (I think Matt is much more romantic than I am!). For my part, I hate surprises, and I’d much rather know what’s coming ahead but, with time, I’m learning to let go a little. With love and soulmates, though, I think it’s much more fun to believe than not. Yay for love! And chocolate. And peanut butter!

  • Laura K

    This is ingenious. I’m so intrigued. I’ve always loved the chocolate and peanut butter pairing, and when you throw bananas in there, I’m sold. How did you come up with this?

  • Thanks, Laura! I came upon the recipe on and thought I’d give it a spin. Turns out, Martha knows a thing or two about brilliant combinations 😉

  • I am so excited by this recipe. Chocolate + banana + peanut butter is almost too many good things in one! Also always felt bad that I missed the Walkmen a couple years ago at Treasure Island so I’ll have to try them too.

  • Yes! This is super pretty and I have no doubt in my heart it’s effing delicious.

  • It sure was!

  • It’s a pretty magical combination…and glad you’re inspired to check out the Walkmen again, too.

  • i want this!!!

  • This looks AMAZING!

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