Citrus-Cured Salmon Lavash Crisps: Guest Post for ModCloth - Turntable Kitchen
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Citrus-Cured Salmon Lavash Crisps: Guest Post for ModCloth

When the folks over at ModCloth asked us to create a New Year’s Eve party recipe and playlist, we started thinking about what makes a great holiday party. Obviously, great drinks, appetizers and music are key to setting the atmosphere. Today, we’re sharing a simple and refreshing recipe for Citrus-Cured Salmon Lavash Crisps over on the ModCloth blog, along with our New Year’s Eve party playlist (created by Matt). Go on and check it out!

Speaking of New Year’s, we hope you have a sparkly and safe one. Here’s to a 2012 filled with delicious food and great music! I’d like to take a moment to thank all of you. Lovely readers AND Pairings Box subscribers for making 2011 a magical year for us. A year ago, we never would have dreamed that we’d be here today. We’ve made so many friends through the site, and we’re inspired every day by your comments and emails. We hope that 2012 blows 2011 out of the water. Let’s drink to THAT. xo