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Drake on Cake: An Interview with Joy the Baker

Drake on Cake: An Interview with Joy the Baker

Are you familiar with Joy the Baker? The lady possesses one of the most refreshing voices on the internet and we’re long-time fans of her blog.

Joy’s known for her ridiculously delicious looking baked goods (Taylor Swift has been known to bake up her cookies!). We’ve always been impressed with Joy’s creative takes on all sorts of treats but when we came across her latest passion project, Drake on Cake, like many of her followers, we were like, “DAMN! That’s good.” We are, after all, a food and music site. We hit up Joy with a few burning questions.

P.S. Three Covers of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home”

Drake on Cake: An Interview with Joy the Baker

1. Why Drake?

Joy: Because he started from the bottom, now he’s here.  And his name rhymes with cake, clever fellow.

2. How many (Drake on Cake) cakes do you make per month? Do you listen to Drake while baking/ eating cake? Is it a solo affair or do you invite a bunch of people over to eat cake with you? Sorry, that’s like 4 questions inside of 1 question.

Joy: I don’t make a specific number of Drake on Cakes a month.  It’s very much when the inspiration hits. I do listen to a lot of Drake. The man is a poet. I usually make the cakes alone, though friends like to stop by because I’m usually blasting Drake and have an overabundance of cake. I think that makes it a party, right?

3. Have you considered Beyonce on Cake?

Joy: I can’t think of anything that rhymes with Beyonce, but I think that would be fierce. I slay.

4. Has Drake seen your project?

Joy: I don’t know. I suspect he’s busy being Drake.

5. What’s your go-to cake recipe?

Joy: My go-to cake recipe is this super versatile Yellow Sheet Cake but for Drake on Cake, I go to the local Rouses and buy a cake to put Drake lyrics on. That’s the secret magic to Drake on Cake.

Photos by Joy the Baker / Drake on Cake