Paperback Vibes Mixtape - Turntable Kitchen
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Paperback Vibes Mixtape

Turntable Kitchen's Paperback Vibes Mixtape

For the most part, I’m going to let this one speak for itself. Paperback Vibes is our latest mixtape and it’s full of some of our favorite rising new artists. Indeed, with selections from BASECAMP, Wet, The Casket Girls, Salt Cathedral, VISUALS, Freeze-Tag, CATHEDRALS, and so many more, this doubles as a guide to some of the top new artists to watch for in 2014. Take a listen.

A word of warning: the Noah Breakfast remix of Wet’s “No Lie” is NSFW thanks to an f-bomb on the Spank Rock verse. Just thought I should let you know.

Turntable Kitchen’s Paperback Vibes Mixtape (.zip file)

01. BASECAMP – Emmanuel
02. Moons – Bloody Mouth (Kauf Remix)
03. Wet – No Lie (Noah Breakfast Remix feat. Spank Rock)
04. The Casket Girls – Same Side
05. Abram Shook – Coastal
06. VISUALS – Space Oddity (David Bowie Cover)
07. Thee Oh Sees – What You Know
08. Salt Cathedral – Rainy Days
09. Cassorla – Bona Fide (feat. Aubrey Plaza)
10. CATHEDRALS – Unbound (Arleta Remix)
11. ANTHEMS – Up In Mine
12. Freeze-Tag – You Do
13. Jaymes Young – Fragments
14. Ether Teeth – Autumn Sky
15. Gallant – If It Hurts
16. MANICANPARTY – Animal (Miike Snow Cover)
17. TRAILS AND WAYS – Lost (Frank Ocean Cover)