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5 Great New Artists You May Have Missed

I’m expecting this space to be relatively quiet over Thanksgiving. But don’t worry – there has been so much great new music in the past year that if you blink you’ve probably missed a great new band or five.  Doing our part to keep you “in the know” – here are five tracks by particularly awesome bands/artists that you might have missed if you were paying close attention.

01. NO – The Long Haul (read TK’s post about NO)

02. Thousand – Song of Abdication (read TK’s post about Thousand)

03. Leisure – Green Light (read TK’s post about Leisure)

04. Cheerleader – New Daze (read TK’s post about Cheerleader)

05. Colleen Green – Rabid Love (read TK’s post about Colleen Green)

*Photo courtesy of Neil Krug via Creative Commons license.