Single Serving: Leisure - Green Light - Turntable Kitchen
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Single Serving: Leisure – Green Light

Cambridge, Massachusetts. Of the many great things that come from the city, the band Leisure is the one that currently has my attention. Their track “Green Light” showed up in my inbox a few days ago, and I’ve been all ears ever since. It’s a darkly ambient, tense cut with a spacious, echo-y production built around distant, chiming guitar, sparse percussion and tight, crisp bass. They’ve previously released the synth-studded groove “Early Morning Skies” and the pensive and melancholy “Follow Me” which are just as engaging and shadowy.  The trio of cuts act as a mysterious and atmospheric introduction to the forthcoming full-length Plastic Soul. Highly recommended!

Leisure – Early Morning Skies
Leisure – Green Light

Find out more on Leisure’s website.