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eating/sf and Foodzie Present: A Neo Cocoa Giveaway for the Best Musical Pairing

I first met the co-founder of Foodzie, Emily Olson, a few months after she and her co-founder, Rob LaFave, opened shop just a few doors down from my office. We had a chance to reconnect at SXSW Interactive, and they even invited me to participate in one of their community tasting events. Foodzie is a pretty awesome company–they help local producers sell their goods on the
Web and introduce folks to products that they otherwise might never have heard of, or had access to. If you check out Foodzie’s site, you’ll probably end up ogling over an array of goodies: chocolate-enrobed candied lemon from Seth Ellis Chocolatier, Organic Bacon Caramels from Devil in an Apron, and Shallot Confit with Red Wine from Quince and Apple, to name a few. Beyond profiling their producers and blogging about cool trends, folks and events in the food world, Emily and Rob are involving the local SF foodie community by inviting folks to join their tasting panels.

Regular readers are probably already familiar with eating/sf’s Musical Pairings, and Fridays’ Local Pairings, when we highlight cool, local bands. This Friday, we’ve decided to do something a little different. Together with Foodzie and one of their awesome local San Francisco producers, Neo Cocoa, we’re doing a giveaway. A little pairing challenge.

Here’s the scenario: In the comments section, write a mini Musical Pairing (1-2 sentences) for a band you would pair with a chocolate tasting party. You can choose any band that you’d like, but local, Bay Area band pairings will get bonus points. We’ll choose the most creative and convincing pairings and then do a random hat draw to determine the winner.

You’re probably wondering what you win, right? The best Musical Pairing will win a delicious Truffle Tasting Box from Neo Cocoa, based right here in San Francisco. Check out their Foodzie storefront for more info about the producer and their products. We’ll announce a winner in next Friday’s post.

Having recently hosted a breakfast potluck, I’m definitely open to a chocolate tasting party, so your pairing just might be the background for our next adventure.

*image courtesy of Foodzie

Giveaway update: June 12, 1:21 pm: cross posting your comment to Foodzie’s Facebook page will also garner bonus points in this pairing challenge.