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Local Pairings: Local Pairings Mixtape and new eating/SF contest!

This week Kasey and I are doing something a little different. Together with Foodzie and one of their awesome local San Francisco producers, Neo Cocoa, we’re doing a little giveaway. Who or what is Foodzie? To quote Kasey, “Foodzie is a pretty awesome company–they help local producers sell their goods on the Web and introduce folks to products that they otherwise might never have heard of, or had access to. If you check out Foodzie’s site, you’ll probably end up ogling over an array of goodies: chocolate-enrobed candied lemon from Seth Ellis Chocolatier, Organic Bacon Caramels for Devil in an Apron, and Shallot Confit with Red Wine from Quince and Apple, to name a few.”

So head back to eating/SF to read how you can win a delicious Truffle Tasting Box from Neo Cocoa, based right here in San Francisco.

Don’t worry though – Local Pairings will be back next week with a new restaurant review and a new pairing. In the meantime, I’ve put together a Local Pairings mixtape/playlist featuring songs from our first 10 pairings. If you missed any of these bands the first time around head back to the archive to read the original review, or just start with the mixtape and move straight to buying some local music.

1. Birds & Batteries – Ocarina (SF, CA)
2. John Vanderslice – Fetal Horses (SF, CA)
3. Cousin Chris – The River (SF, CA)
4. Young Coyotes – When I Was In the Fire (Denver, CO)
5. Geographer – Leave (SF, CA)
6. Here Here – Moving Up North (SF, CA)
7. Controller 7 – Rainmen (SF/Berkeley, CA)
8. Maus Haus – Reaction (SF, CA)
9. The Pack v. Dandy Warhols – Oh Go Get High (Berkeley, CA)
10. Cymbals Eat Guitars – Cold Spring (NY, NY)