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Music + Food = Musical Pairings

Hi, friends. I’m introducing a new element to eating/sf that I hope you’ll enjoy. It’s called Musical Pairings. Actually, pairings will be coming from my fiancee, Matt. You’ve seen (or will see) his name popping up throughout my posts because he is my most frequent and loyal sidekick in the kitchen (and on the restaurant scene). Beyond having some serious mincing skills, he’s got an ear for music like no other. And, so, Musical Pairings. I’m handing off to him for an intro.

A sneak peak at my Apricot Chocolate Chip Cookies (recipe to come)

Welcome to the inaugural post of Musical Pairings. Let’s begin with introductions. I’m Matthew, Kasey’s fiance and sous chef. As discerning foodies and loyal readers of eating/sf , you’ll probably agree that the experience of preparing a delicious meal can be as rewarding as actually eating that meal.

In that regard, many people have rituals they associate with preparing and enjoying a home cooked meal. For Kasey and I, creating musical pairings to accompany our meal is an integral part of that experience. Our kitchen is frequently steeped in a wall of sound: olive oil sizzling in a frying pan, a whisk beating against the edges of a ceramic bowl, the rhythmic sounds of a knife repeatedly chopping against a wooden cutting board, and, of course, our favorite music playing in the background: Jose Gonzalez’s In Our Nature, Spoon’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, Miles Davis’ Live Evil, Aretha Franklin’s Aretha’s Gold, Four Tet’s Rounds, the Decemberists, Lil Wayne, M.I.A., etc. Since this is an important part of the experience for us, Kasey asked that I contribute some suggested music to pair with her recipes. With that, hello, and watch this space!