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Reviews: Up

As some of you may have noticed, over the course of the past weeks, I’ve added a few new elements to my blog (including a recipe index, Facebook fan page and Flickr photo stream). I’m excited to share with you one more. In addition to an index of recipes, I’ve now added a reviews page. It’s broken down by San Francisco neighborhoods, as well as our surroundings (East Bay, Napa) and a few places a bit farther away (as influenced by my travels), so you can have a quick reference guide for places I’ve checked out and, generally, liked. Some reviews are more extensive than others. Some are glowing. Some are a little more skeptical. Either way, though, I’ll generally be writing about places I like because–let’s face it–you don’t want to be reading about those not worth checking out.

It’s still pretty new (you’ll notice a few neighborhoods are missing as I haven’t yet reviewed establishments in those areas). It’s a work in progress–as eating tends to be. Right now, my reviews are mostly focused on restaurants, but there are plenty of places I eat and drink (hello, bakeries, coffee shops wine bars) that will start making their way into the list.