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Ah, Love

I always find that I’m generally about five blog posts behind experiences. But, you have to understand, that considering that food is involved in my life on a pretty regular basis, I’d be updating my blog twice a day to keep up. That said, I’ve had a lovely week and (not yet ended!) long President’s Day weekend.

I must admit that when I was single, I absolutely dreaded Valentine’s Day. A completely overrated holiday that was meant to make single people feel somehow inadequate and unfulfilled. I spent most of my Valentine’s Days dining with friends, baking cookies, and watching sappy movies. Now, as someone who’s ‘committed,’ so to speak, I still find Valentine’s Day to be a Hallmark holiday. With that, I still can’t complain about getting flowers from my lovely boyfriend, or having a gourmet meal cooked for me. Matt went all out for Vday–lobster tail with parsley/chive butter sauce, sauteed black trumpet mushrooms, filet mignon and the topper…a dark chocolate souffle-like dessert topped with a generous serving of espresso whipped cream (a ‘molten chocolate espresso). The recipe is about as gourmet as you can get in your home kitchen. He claims it was easy. Tyler Florence on the Food Network claims it is too. All I can say is my boy did well. Not only did he refer to the online food bible (Food Network’s foodtv.com), but he executed with perfection.

Perhaps diamonds are the way to some girls’ hearts, but Matt knows me well. Dark chocolate, a good steak and some high-end seafood seals the deal with me. To accompany the meal, we took note from our visit to Perbacco last weekend (I really, really am behind) and picked up a bottle of Dolcetto D’Alba–a semi-sweet Italian red wine that was light, smooth and crisp–to accompany the meal. I think I will have to do a restaurant roundup later on…My good friend Daniel gifted me with a restaurant book (complete with slips for cards and notes) which I have GOT to start using on a regular basis. Hopefully, I’ll have some great recommendations soon!