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Two of my favorite people visited me this weekend and just left and I have to admit, I’m a little sad. I always tend to get a little sad when friends or family come and then go–I immediately feel a sense empty nestdom. Even though my nest is certainly not empty, I get used to cooking, offering snacks, making tea, pouring wine and dispensing towels and toilet paper.

The past week has been a good one, to say the least. It was my one year anniversary with Matt and we celebrated with a much-anticipated dinner at Delfina–one of San Francisco’s most-hyped about Italian restaurant of the past several years. The hype may have died down down recently, but it still packs a house–and for good reason. My quail over bread salad and winter chicories was delectable. The grilled calamari over baked white beans and fresh, sourdough Tartine bakery bread were definitely worth noting. My profitroles with espresso ice cream and warm chocolate sauce and candied almonds were a delicious end to the perfect meal. I’m told that their blood orange buttermilk panna cotta is to die for, but being the chocolate fan that I am, I knew I couldn’t resist those little puffs.

After a hectic week at work, I was really looking forward to unwinding with a sushi dinner at my new find–Castro’s Sushi Time–with Matt and my friends Katie and Cliff. But, of course, the big event was my Siena sisters–Ruth and Sonia, paying me a visit. It was of course, a delicious food-filled weekend. From my usual crepes with nutella, bananas and more–to noodles at Hotei, intimate dinner at Zazie (try it for dinner v. brunch one of these days!), and of course, wine and conversation around a newly-minted table (long back story here)–it was a weekend filled with nostalgia. But, the good kind. If there is anything that I learn with age is that good friends are like a fine wine, our relationships only get better with time. While we build new memories in changing times and integrate different people into our lives, we can always rely on that canvas of old memories, pictures and anecdotes. After all, the only thing that goes better with food than wine, is warm conversation among friends.