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Uncanny: A New Music Digital Mixtape


Once again, it’s been more than a hot minute since we last shared a downloadable mixtape around here. Nonetheless, I’d like to think it’s worth the wait. After all, we’ve compiled a great collection of strange and unique pop jams for this one. Our subscribers will undoubtedly recognize some of these songs from our recent Pairings Box mixtapes. Either way, if you enjoy mysteriously good music then you’ll find a lot to love on our uncanny new mixtape. Take a listen and see for yourself.

Cover art courtesy of Zach Dougherty.

Uncanny: A Digital Mixtape (.zip file)

01. A Million Billion Dying Suns – Strawberry
02. Victory – Soothing Me So
03. Conveyor – Pushups
04. ASTR – Hold On We’re Going Home (Drake Cover)
05. The Black And White Years – Little One
06. Monster Rally – Palm Village
07. Hot Sugar – *In & Out* (feat. KOOL A.D.)
08. Saol Álainn – Nostroke (Character Remix)
09. Lukas Freeman – Loving You Wrong
10. Typhoon – Thinking About You (Frank Ocean Cover)
11. Son Lox – Easy
12. Diane Coffee – Hymn
13. Cate Le Bon – I Think I Knew (feat. Active Genius)
14. Dr. DeVito – All Your Life
15. Zachary Cale – Wayward Son
16. Ghost & Gale – Wicked Heart
17. Filligar – Ozona
18. Tei Shi – Nevermind The End
19. Pure Bathing Culture – Pendulum (Women’s Hour Edit)
20. Silent Rider & Camille Corazón – Black Crown


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Posted by Matthew Hickey

Matthew is the music editor and co-founder of Turntable Kitchen. He’s addicted to vinyl records, pour over coffee, craft beer, small batch bourbon, and pan roasting pork chops.

  • ellcoolj

    I was just looking up Dr. Devito yesterday and wondering why they were not putting out more albums in a better format than just Bandcamp… and then here they are on your mix. A name I haven’t thought of in a year and bam… twice in two days…
    I can’t wait to listen to the rest of the mix, some good looking names here. Zachary Cale has already (due to your earlier post) become a staple in my household.

  • That’s awesome about the Dr. Devito coincidence. I love it when that happens. And, yeah, that Zachary Cale album is so so good.

  • ellcoolj

    It seems to happen every time you post a new mix: a couple of artist I have never heard of and don’t quite jive with me, a couple of artist I have heard of (usually here) and like, and then usually one or maybe two artists I have never heard of and REALLY LIKE, so I go and check out more of their stuff. In this case Ghost & Gale I had heard before, on TK, and when I checked there album wasn’t out, and now it was. Liked it. But the real standout for me was Diane Coffee. I went to find the whole album, was really liking it and thinking that he was feeding off the sound and success of Foxygen. I then looked into who he was and realized that he is the drummer from Foxygen so it makes a lot of sense that its a similar sound. Thanks for the new tunes and keep it up!

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