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Turntable Kitchen’s Avocado & Bacon Spring Mixtape

This month’s mixtape is dedicated to one of the greatest food combinations ever paired together. Of course I could only be talking about avocado & bacon. It’s creamy superfood meets crispy pork product. What’s not to love? Like the foods that inspired it, this month’s playlist blends crispy rock jams by folks like The Everywheres, Kurt Vile, John Vanderslice, Young Hunting and Decades, with lush, creamy grooves by Shlohmo ft. Jeremih, SZA, Jacques Greene ft. Tinashe, Tuxedo, Yumi Zouma, and more. You’re going to find something to love.

Two of this month’s jams are from the Songs From Scratch series by our friends at Yours Truly (Schlohmo ft. Jeremih and Jacques Greene ft. Tinashe), so extra special thanks to them for making those jams come to life.

Turntable Kitchen’s Avocado & Bacon Spring Mixtape (.zip file)

01. The Everywheres – Someone Disappeared
02. Kurt Vile – Never Run Away (Single Version)
03. John Vanderslice – Big Brother (David Bowie Cover)
04. Young Hunting – Baby’s First Steps
05. Shlohmo x Jeremih – Bo Peep (Do You Right)
06. Big Black Delta – Side Of The Road
08. Jacques Greene x Tinashe – Painted Faces
09. Rich Kidd – I’d Be Lying
10. Tuxedo – So Good
11. Klings – I’ve Ben
12. Cat Power – Manhattan (Club Clique Remix)
13. Jess Ellen – Up All Night
14. TEEN – Prisoners
15. Yumi Zouma – A Long Walk Home For Parted Lovers
16. Trivial Shields – Camelot
17. Decades – Tonight Again
18. Cosmo’s Midnight – Phantasm feat. Nicole Millar

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Posted by Matthew Hickey

Matthew is the music editor and co-founder of Turntable Kitchen. He’s addicted to vinyl records, pour over coffee, craft beer, small batch bourbon, and pan roasting pork chops.

  • Andrew Snook

    I’ve never had bacon and avocado; might have to try it this evening. Thanks for the mix.

  • Kathy Jollimore

    I am so damn happy I found your site. Killer concept. Plus, bacon and avocado is one of the best food marriages going.

  • It’s a go to sandwich combo for me. Enjoy the mix!

  • Thanks Kathy! I’m glad to meet another musical lover and fan of avocado and bacon!

  • Nice. I love a good B.L.A.T.

  • bacon and avocado is a match made in heaven

  • ellcoolj

    This is quite a mix with a lot of diversity. The mix starts with the retro-rock sound that has been dominating my personal earwaves this past few months. (Young Hunting sounds very different -in a good way- from some of the other tracks I have heard). Then comes the base and drums heavy 21st century sound. Cat Powers bridges the gap with classic vocals and modern backing tracks. Jess Elliot brings fresh light to a familier sound. Good mix.
    Which is the Bacon and which is the Avocado? Salty vs. Creamy? Crunchy vs. Smooth?

  • wickcreative

    love it as always. Thanks

  • wickcreative

    Any chance you could define the bacon songs and the avocado songs? Or is it like a scooby doo sandwich consisting of 18 varying layers of bacon and avocado. mmm bacon

  • gheemusic

    Matthew- you outdid yourself on this one! Perfect for my morning bike around the lake. Especially love the Jacques Greene and can you tell me about Klings? so good! Enjoy your weekend!

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