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The Night VI

  • My Friend, Spock

    June 4, 2008

    The potato. A curious creature. I am a self-described carb fiend. For all of my unprocessed food loves--eggplant, raspberries, peaches, artichoke, fre...

  • Happy Birthday to Me!

    May 29, 2008

    This past weekend, I celebrated my 25th birthday. A quarter century. Obviously, the best way to spend a birthday is with good friends, wine, delicious...

  • Soup's On

    April 7, 2008

    I like soup. Not just because it's much easier to make than most people think (for the most part, you just throw ingredients in a pot and take a seat ...

  • Welcome to Eating

    November 6, 2007

    I 'started' this blog months ago and talked about it for even longer. Over the past year, or rather two years, I have grown to become what people freq...