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Welcome to Eating

I ‘started’ this blog months ago and talked about it for even longer. Over the past year, or rather two years, I have grown to become what people frequently refer to as a foodie. I can read recipes and restaurant menus for hours and relish every trip to my local farmer’s market to pick up the freshest fruit and produce. Simultaneously, I have never been to a restaurant without carefully studying the menu beforehand and deciding on exactly 2-3 things I definitely want. By day I work as a PR mastermind for some of the hottest startup technology companies in the nation. But by night (or afternoon, depending on the circumstances), I am in search of the most delicious, unique and beautiful food.

I don’t claim to be an expert, nor a professional chef. What I’ve set out to do is to share my cooking and dining experiences with my friends–and extended acquaintances in order spread the love and wealth of all things edible. We’re pretty blessed to live in a food enclave like San Francisco–complete with ethnic restaurants galore, fresh markets, bakeries, cheese shops and wine stores.
Hopefully, I’ll be able to bring good recipes, restaurant reviews, anecdotes and the occasional off-topic story.