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Three Covers of The Knife’s “Heartbeats”

Three Covers of The Knife's "Heartbeats"

Welcome to our latest Served Three Ways. As always we’re offering you three covers by three different artists of the same song. In the past we’ve featured covers of songs by Grimes, INXS, and Drake. This time we’re dishing up three covers of Swedish duo The Knife’s breakthrough hit “Heartbeats.”

We’ve, of course, included Jose Gonzalez’s ubiquitous cover of the tune which became well known thanks to a brilliant (and beautiful) Sony commercial. Indeed, Gonzalez’s cover is so successful that it’s not uncommon to see covers incorrectly attributing the songwriting credit to him. Of the three covers we selected here, the rendition by RoyalTeeth is arguably the most true to the original – although it presents a completely different mood than the original. Meanwhile, Jhameel takes a characteristically distinctive approach to the tune. Take a listen and enjoy!