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Typhoon’s Tour Pairings: Columbus, Ohio

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Have you ever wondered what life’s like for your favorite band on tour? What do they eat before/after a gig? Where did they eat when they stopped in your town? What are they listening to in the van as they jump from gig to gig? Well, we’ve got your covered. Courtesy of Roll Call Records, our friends in Typhoon have graciously offered to share a journal of their food and music experiences as they embark on their tour in support of their magnificent new album White Lighter. Dubbed “Tour Pairings” we’ll be sharing updates about twice a week, so stop back to read more. If you’ve missed them, you can catch up on Kyle’s post about Denver, Devin’s post about Vancouver, and Jen’s post about Saint Louis.

Columbus / by Devin

A good cup of coffee is a thing to have, but I also have a big soft spot for cheap, bad, watery coffee- gas stations, rest areas, diners, the waiting room while you’re getting your oil changed. I feel the same about breakfast joints. Denny’s, Shari’s, Perkin’s, that’s my jam. Somewhere around 3am last night in Columbus, Ohio, I went to my first Waffle House.

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Eggs were undercooked, bacon was overcooked, but it’s all whatever because it’s all about those hash browns. I got a triple order with onions and tomatoes (smothered and diced?). And I had some real bad coffee and I loved the whole thing.

Don’t forget, you can score a copy of White Lighter on limited-edition vinyl directly from the band’s website. Our limited-edition, hand-numbered single for “Dreams of Cannibalism” (which is backed with the non-album track “Rules of the Game”) is now sold out. Nonetheless, we’ve got some awesome artists lined-up for the next several months that you won’t want to miss, so subscribe to Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box now if you don’t want to miss out.