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Single Serving: twyaen – keep on waiting

Twyaen - Keep On Waiting

I’ve been grooving to this exceptionally downtempo diddy that showed up in my inbox the other day. The tune reveals itself with some smooth and airy soft jazz sax (yes, you read that right) before gliding into a a tentative, bubbling rhythm and quietly murmured vocals. In some ways it’s similar to something we’d expect from Rhye, but with a slightly more playful vibe that reminds me of Architecture In Helsinki‘s quietest moments. It’s the debut single from UK-based duo Twyaen (who individually go by the monikers Moors Trekkah and ThutDragon). “Keep On Waiting” definitely marks the duo as a band to watch.

For now there is no vinyl, no CD, and (as far as I can tell) nowhere to buy the track digitally. In the meantime, go like ’em on Facebook.