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A New Addition

Things may be a little quiet for a bit around here. On Sunday, January 20th, our little girl, Neko Rose Hickey, came into this world at exactly 12:45 pm (just in time for lunch!). She is already a hearty eater and her record of choice is Youth Lagoon’s “The Year of Hibernation.”

Parenting is a whole new world and we’re definitely in ‘survival mode’ at the moment. As much as I thought I could predict what these first few days of our new life would be like, I’m humbled by how much she’s taught me already. The first thing I’ve learned about parenting is sometimes you need to let go of your plans and intentions and just do what you need to do to for you and your baby.

I’m looking forward to hosting a number of fantastic contributors here over the next few weeks, and have a whole slew of delicious recipes I’ve been saving up to share with you shortly thereafter. See you soon!

If you’d like, leave a comment for Neko — one day she’ll be able to look back at her warm welcome into the world (and her Internet debut)!