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Turntable Kitchen’s Happy Hour Playlist

As you may or may not have heard, big things have been going on in our home. Only a few days ago we welcomed our daughter Neko Rose Hickey to the world. As a result, things may be quiet around here for the next few days while we adjust. Nonetheless, I did have the foresight to prep this little happy hour playlist before all the fun began. I think it makes a great soundtrack to lively drinks with friends and family.

The first night home we opened a bottle of “the good wine” to celebrate. Download the new mix where you’ll find lots of great new artists that we have been enjoying (in addition to Youth Lagoon’s “The Year of Hibernation” which has been Neko’s favorite record so far) and join us in a toast to exciting new adventures. Enjoy!

Turntable Kitchen’s Happy Hour Playlist (.zip file)

01. Gracie – Habits
02. One Finger Riot – Miles
03. Night Panther – Fire
04. Flamingods – Quesso
05. Real Cosby – Miss Me
06. Savoir – Zinli Rhythm
07. Black City Lights – Collapsing Horizon (Unmap Remix)
08. Joey Bada$$ – Unorthodox
09. Javelin – Nnormal
10. Misfit Mod – Cars (I)
11. Visuals – Goodbye
12. The Eversons – Hyacinth Girl
13. Sun City – High
14. TRAILS AND WAYS – Mtn Tune (Wallpaper. Remix)
15. Youth Lagoon – Dropla
16. The Shutes – She Said
17. Wyatt – Trouble
18. Leapling – 17
19. Tiger Waves – Fields
20. Inc. – The Place