September 2012 Breakfast Mix - Turntable Kitchen
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September 2012 Breakfast Mix

Kasey asked me to put together a mix tailored specifically for soundtracking a cafe-styled breakfast to accompany her latest Stylish In The Kitchen post. As you may already know, I love making mixes and I love me some breakfast, so there was no way I’d take a pass on this one.

Since this is a breakfast-themed playlist, I approached this with a few rules in mind. First, I wanted the mix to open softly. After all, if you’re just sitting down bleary-eyed and with your first cup of coffee for the morning, you’ll want to begin with some gentle tunes. Second, I wanted to make sure it nonetheless remained intriguing so that it didn’t lull you back to sleep. Finally, I wanted to keep the pacing so that it grew more melodically upbeat as it progressed. Ideally, by the time you reach TRAILS AND WAYS, you’ll be feel pleasantly energized and ready to start your day. So let me know what you think, did I nail it?

Turntable Kitchen’s September 2012 Breakfast Mix (.zip file)

01. Rhye – Open
02. Joao Gilberto – Aguas de Marco
03. Lucas Santtana – Cira Regina e Nana
04. Sonny and the Sunsets – She Plays Yo-Yo With My Mind
05. Seamonster – Vincent’s Chair
06. Grizzly Bear – gun-shy
07. Levek – Muhammed Ali and Me
08. Cass McCombs – Love Thine Enemy
09. The National – You’ve Done It Again, Virginia
10. Sufjan Stevens – Futile Devices (Shigeto Remix)
11. Beach House – Lazuli
12. Francoise Hardy – Quel mal y a-t-il à ça (Patsy Cline Cover)
13. A.C. Newman – Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns
14. Blu – Amensia (Rewind)
15. Keep Shelly in Athens – Fokionos Negri Street
16. Feist – Inside Out (Bee Gees Cover)
17. TRAILS AND WAYS – Miracle (Ghost Beach Cover)

Head to the Kitchen to read Kasey’s How To Make a Cafe Style Breakfast at Home.