Mother's Day Brunch - Turntable Kitchen
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Mother’s Day Brunch

1. Rhubarb Mojito by Ashley from Not Without Salt
2. Flower arrangement by Studio Choo
3. Dress by Emerson Fry
4. Croque Monsieur French Toast Bake, prepared by Jewels of New York, photograph via Sunday Suppers

I’ll be honest: I’m not a big fan of brunch (I much prefer splitting my breakfast and lunch into two separate meals). But, I LOVE brunch food, and as my friend Tracy reminded me, so do many moms I know. With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, I thought I’d devote a Stylish in the Kitchen post to my favorite lady, my mom. My mom is a pretty stylish woman; she has more shoes than me, and a bolder sense of style. She doesn’t stress about hosting dinner for fifteen people, and she seems to always know the answer to everything. She’s not a doctor, but she tends to know the reasons and cures for all of my ailments. She is not a photographer, but she has an eye for light. She was not born in this country, but she commands the English language. She is not a gardener, but she knows how to grow the most beautiful flowers and herbs.

Like some of you, I didn’t immediately become friends with my mom. At first, I idolized her, then I found that she and I never seemed to see eye to eye, then I started coming to her for real-life advice (like how to tell a boy I liked him), and I finally, she became my friend. I’m glad that my relationship with my mother evolved the way that it did. She’s my friend, but she’s also my mom. She nags me about not calling my grandfather enough, and for dropping the ball on renewing my car registration on time. But she also talks to me about purses, and gossips with me about parties and television shows. This year, we’re spending Mother’s Day weekend lounging by the pool, going hiking, and grilling out.

As I got more into cooking, I started to spend time not just watching my mom in the kitchen, but helping her conceptualize the menu, figure out the table setting, and organize cooking plans. A few years ago, my mom and I took a mother-daughter trip to London, Zurich, Lucerne, and Prague, and there was something somewhat romantic about the meals we had there, our little coffee breaks at cafes, and strolls through cobblestoned streets. It wasn’t warm, then (we went in November), but as this Mother’s Day approaches, I’ve been thinking a lot about that trip. The images above remind me of a blissful afternoon with my mom, noshing on homemade French Toast Bake, sipping mojitos (my mom’s favorite, with a clever springtime twist!), and enjoying beautiful blooms. The dress, by a designer I have a serious crush on (both for her clothes, as well as her aesthetic and lifestyle), is the sort of thing both my mom and I can agree on; it’s simple, chic, Euro-fab, and utilitarian.

I hope you treat your mom to something nice this weekend, and always.