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Today we’re sharing something REALLY cool with you. A few months ago, we hooked up with the very talented Eric Slatkin of Highbeam Media (not to mention our friends Lindsey & Christian, who let us take over their house) to shoot a video that we hope captures what we feel is the Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box experience. We’re proud to share the end result with you today and to celebrate, we’re hosting a HUGE giveaway.

That’s right. We’re giving ONE lucky winner a slick, red Pro-Ject Debut III turntable. The same one that’s made many appearances here before and the pretty little number in the video. More, we’ve teamed up with Mexican Summer and Father/Daughter Records to pull together a killer starter kit for you to get your record collection going. Additionally, we’re throwing in a surprise, limited edition Pairings Box exclusive release. As you may know, we’ve sold out of all four of our previous monthly boxes, so you’ll be receiving a very special little treat. The total value of this giveaway is over $500, and the experience you’ll get if you win is priceless.

Here’s what you gotta do:

1. Watch the Pairings Box experience video!
2. Comment on this post telling us what your favorite part of the video is and why you’d like to win.
3. Like the Turntable Kitchen Facebook page (if you don’t already). Follow Turntable Kitchen on Twitterย (if you don’t already).
4. Share the giveaway and the video via your Twitter account by tweeting the following phrase:

Watch @ttablekitchen’s Pairings Box video + enter to win a Pro-Ject Debut III turntable + starter record collection!

A random winner will be chosen and announced on Thursday, March 1st. One comment per person, please. This giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian residents only.

[Update] The contest closes at 12:00 pm PST on Wednesday, February 29th. You have until then to leave your comments and be eligible to win!

Lastly, today’s the day! We’re accepting new subscribers to the Pairings Box, starting with the March Pairings Box! Head over to our NEW Pairings Box page to start your subscription today >>>

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Posted by Matthew Hickey

Matthew is the music editor and co-founder of Turntable Kitchen. He’s addicted to vinyl records, pour over coffee, craft beer, small batch bourbon, and pan roasting pork chops.

  • aldo b.

    Best parts of the video:
    1. When they were opening the box. Because who doesn’t love the excitement of opening something you’ve been given or have been looking forward to getting?
    2. The cucumber/zucchini things looked delicious.
    3. She has nice nails.

    I’d like (need) to win because I have a Crosley turntable (i.e. crap) and I read it will ruin your vinyl and I need something to listen to the pairings subscription with (and all the other 7″s I’ve gotten recently).

  • Ksenia B.

    Favorite part of the video:
    1. unboxing, of course! so exciting
    2. recipe video – makes me salivate!
    3. dinner – who doesn’t like looking at other people eating&enjoying themselves?

    I’d like to win because I think that red turntable is awesome, and it right about time for me&my bf to upgrade. It also would be nice just to win something so cool at least once in a lifetime, don’t you think?

  • Anonymous

    This is fabulous! I love the video. My favorite parts were:

    1) the opening of the box because it reminds me of the excitement of opening the Pairings Box each month
    2) the tapioca pudding assembly because it reminded me of how delicious that recipe was. Yum!

    Who wouldn’t love to win a beautiful red turntable like this? Swoon.

  • Jillian Paulen

    I really loved the opening shot with the package on the doorstep! It’s always exciting getting something fun in the mail. The leaves outside made me miss fall, but with the snow outside this morning, that’s not very hard to do.

    I’d love to win because I’ve been lusting after the pairings box each month, but since I’m a bit financially challenged at the moment, it hasn’t become a reality (yet). And that turntable would look mighty fine in my apartment!

  • I really enjoy how you package the pairings box. It feels so personalized and human instead of a mass produced, manufactured item. Also, those kabobs look INSANE! Now I’m hungry.

    I’d love to win the turntable because I love collecting records and I have not been able to replace my old turntable that broke a few months ago. ๐Ÿ™

  • Damon Ruckel

    I love the rich colors in the video– great production, but my favorite part was watching that beautiful red debut III spinning with the acrylic platter.

    I would like to win because I want an audiophile quality turntable and some great records to get my collection started.

  • Sarah J

    Love the shots of the four friends around the table enjoying all that delicious food – moments like that are what cooking is all about.

    Would be so excited to win as I’m just beginning to build my record collection and that turntable is exactly the style I’m a fan of.

  • Khanh-An

    I love videos with a good tune and good food. My favorite part was when she took the stacked eggplants out of the oven — I’m not sure why.

    I’ve love to win the turntable because it’s one of the most beautiful turntables I’ve ever seen. Very clean design. I’d design a room around the turntable.

  • Marc Hughes

    I really like the shot of opening the box. It was exciting to see how it was packaged and all the little suprises enclosed in it. I can’t wait for my box to arrive.

    I would be excited to win to embark on a new year of food exploration and celebration of great music. Regardless I’ll have to start planning a few dinner parties!

  • Each new box over the last five months has afforded me an opportunity to create a really special evening with five different sets of friends, and that’s exactly what I see in this video. The experience of cooking and listening together makes the conversations deeper, the stories richer, the belly laughs heartier. We become connected through the food and music – and I can’t imagine a better way to spend an evening with friends.

  • Jay Vaidya

    Call me nerdy, but I love the unboxing process. I DJ and I used to work at a radio station, and new record is bliss to me. Plus getting a gift in the mail is probably the closest an adult can get to magical Christmas morning bliss. When my gf gets to the box first, she carefully packs it back up for me so I can re-live the moment. The photography in this promo is also amazing, in that Lidia’s Italy “I can make that” kind of way.
    I would like to win the turntable to give to her. I would love to put this lovely beast by my dinner table to soundtrack this summer’s dinners. If you help me win I’ll make you a mixtape and a pic-a-nic basket.
    Also I would like to win this to use as a conversation piece when we have dinner-parties. I would be your Toronto hype-man, clock-necklace included.

  • Peef

    I totally love this idea! Loved the video! Great job shooting the prep/cooking. My wife and I enjoy entertaining and make it a point to go beyond with just food. You need good food and good music (and good friends) to make the perfect night! Would like to win so I can get a better collection of vinyl. And a turntable that doesn’t suck.

  • Elissa Pappas

    My favorite part of the video was the shot of the record player spinning!

  • Marc Koz

    It’s all about the glamorous, sultry food porn happening in the video for me. Especially effective at noon. I’m drooling, literally.. there’s nothing wrong with that, right?

    I’ll give you a three reasons of why I should win..
    1) Well I need a new (working) turntable
    2) I love the unboxing of new products especially ones that I have no idea what I’m about to embark on (might be why I load up when I go to Kid Robot)
    3) Because I would become a forever supporter of your projects here and make (possibly with force) my friends to subscribe as well.


    ..and, you’re beautiful people.

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  • Julia Brough

    I came across this brilliant concept this afternoon and have fallen madly in love. I specifically love the packaging that is broken down at the beginning of the video. I also enjoyed when the eggplant came out of the oven. I currently have a collection of records but no player to play them on. I have been very nervous to purchase just any player over the internet so I have put off buying one for many years now. I want so badly to enjoy my Shins album.

    To celebrate Valentine’s Day I am going to sign up for the pairings box! A little Love Day treat to myself.

    Thank you + Keep on keeping on!


  • Evelyn

    I loved seeing the end products and everyone enjoying them. It looks delish. I would like to win so that I can replace my fiances ancient turntable and start nerding out over new music with him. Plus surprises are always fantastic!

  • guest

    i loved watching the knot of twine undone and seeing what’s in all of that blue tissue paper! i would love to win the turntable to get to listen to sharon van etten’s new record in my living room with warm spring breezes coming through open windows (soon!).

  • Blakbird106

    I loved watching the box being opened and unwrapped. It was like getting a present myself!

  • Burris Man

    I loved seeing the “MOTEL BEDS” make a cameo! Dayton! Also, I’m a big fan of food…so there ya go. I would like to win because I have been rocking my old set up for so long and being a full time student and trying to pay rent and everything is tough enough…my rig is dying one input and needle at a time. This gives me hope!!!

  • Kelley

    I liked the final shot that focuses in on the Turntable Kitchen tag, I just love the tag in general! And I would like to win because good there is just nothing better than cooking and jamming with friends.

  • Hilliary Jordan

    My favorite part of the video was the song playing!

    This is one of the most beautiful turntables I’ve seen, I’d love it to be a part of our collection

  • Emily Lakin

    I recently stocked up on mason jars and have been using them to hold my rice, nuts, dry beans and occasionally as a little terrarium. Love seeing beautiful jars as presentation for the tapioca pudding in this video! I really identified with the overall tone of the video- many Sundays I can be found rockin’ out and experimenting with new recipes in my kitchen to the delight of the friends and neighbors I invite over. This shiny red turntable would not only match my bright red KitchenAid mixer, but would give me a chance to FINALLY have a turntable at home and a reason to subscribe to Turntable Kitchen!

  • Mandy

    I love it all!! Great tune you picked for it! It just all comes together so nicely. Keep up the amazing work.

  • Randi Mont

    I loved the presentation of your eggplant dish. The video was shot really well.

    I’d love to win the package because I just inherited my grandparents records without a turntable to play them on.

  • Chez Us – Denise

    I loved the eggplant dish and cannot wait to see a recipe. Have to make it as we are huge fans of the eggplant!

    I would love to win this turntable package as I have been searching high and low for a turntable, for the past 4 years. Now that we have space in our new place, I’d love to entertain the idea of fulfilling my inter DJ fantasy. We have friends who have an old turntable at the their place in Tahoe, and there isn’t anything more romantic then putting old albums on, sitting back, and listening to music the way it should be listened too.

  • Steph

    Such a great video, guys! So proud of you. My favorite part was… seeing the recipe cards! (Very happy that I now have my own collection of them…)

  • L Wolf

    My favorite part? All of it! The music was great and the food looks fabulous! I would LOVE to win this epic turntable and invite friends over to impress!

  • Maria Lobikin

    Nicely done! Music and food go so well together, especially when enjoyed with company over wine (my favorite part). Plus, I could definitely use a new turntable…

  • Vanessa Rodriguez

    I loved the end result. Friends coming together to enjoy great music and wonderful food. That’s what I’ve always thought the pairings box was about. The entire experience; sharing it with a friend (or two, or three). Creating an atmosphere and bonding over the process. My mouth was watering as you spread the sauce over the eggplant, and my heart warmed watching you place the needle on the vinyl. To me, there is nearly nothing I love more than eating a home cooked meal and listening to your favorite vinyl over conversation with a loved one.

    It would be ideal to win this giveaway because as an early valentines gift, my boyfriend took me to a local record store to pick out a few vinyls on my “must have” wish list, since I recently invested in a small record player of my own. Ever since I purchased it, he’s been going on and on about how he desperately wants one, but lacks the funds. He’s an enormous music fanatic, and I know he would put it to good use. If I win, I would not keep it for myself. I’d give it to him. It’s the least I can do, for all that he’s done for me lately.

  • Lynette

    I loved the opening sequence of receiving and unwrapping the package… it would be fun to receive such a beautiful package!

  • Tracy

    FANTASTIC video!!! What a great way to showcase your product! xoxo to you guys!

  • Epic video! Loved your presentation of the eggplant dish, so pretty. This video sold it: I’m going to get on board the Pairings Box train.

  • This could just be the east coast in me that misses leaves (can you tell I live downtown?), but the part where the Pairings Box arrives on the front stoop makes me happy. ๐Ÿ™‚ And, as an owner of a new owner of a vintage marantz, of course my heart skipped several beats when the record was pulled out! Nice job, Kasey & Matthew!

  • Katy

    Wow! What an amazing giveaway!!! I love the close-ups of the food- especially the eggplant- a really pretty video that made me VERY hungry!!!

    I like you on FB as Katy M and follow you on Twitter as @katygmorris. I just Tweeted about the giveaway here:!/katygmorris/status/169504152085471233

    Thanks again and Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone on your team!

  • Amy Koldeway

    My favorite part of the video is the up-close and personal shots of the food – total food porn for a foodie! I always listen to music when cooking and absolutely LOVE this idea! Of course I’d love to win the starter kid – Father/Daughter and Mexican Summer are two of my favorite labels and that turntable is gorgeous!

  • I agree with the folks who love the opening of the box – it definitely makes me want to get one of those in the mail! The video really gives you an idea of that feeling of recieving something thoughtful. I just found out that my poor old record player is beyond repair, so I would be delighted to give yours a good home! And I’d be excited to dig through your vinyl – who doesn’t love doing that?

  • Anonymous

    What a cute video and an AWESOME giveaway! I love the fact that the video captures what your experience will be like if you win the box, from opening the package, to cooking while jamming to tunes, and finally to enjoying the meal. I want to do all of those things!!

  • I had to give this a try, I mean how can you not enter a contest like this!?

    Man you guys have outdone yourselves this time! Video looks amazing, my favorite part about it is how hungry it makes me! The food looks sooo good, so much better than when I try to make it ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’d like to win, because winning things is great! And that turntable is something I’ve been coveting for some time now, and with my current turntable tucked away, broken, this one would be a welcome addition to my household.

    Love you guys, keep on doing what you do!

  • Jayna

    I liked how you could see the meal turn out very similiar to the picture on the card -(not always the case).
    This concept is great! The sample recipes sound delicious, you’re given the spices AND new music to check out. Good job!

  • My favorite part of the video is the closeups of the food ๐Ÿ˜‰ I mean, who doesn’t love that.

    I’d love to win this, because sadly my turntable is miles away in my parents home along with my entire record collection. I loe Turntable kitchen, but have been unable to get a parings box. I’d love to win this contest.

  • I really love the end of the video when you all sit down to enjoy your meals. I’d love to win the giveaway as I [regretfully] gave my turntable to my ex.

  • Conigirl

    drooling on my laptop! and nothing is better than having music while you are cooking….love love love

  • Erica Johnson

    the video is beautiful! my favorite part is how it demonstrates how easy and fun it is to use the pairings box. it’s like a kit for an instant good time.

    i’d love to win the turntable and rediscover old faves and new jams.

  • SarahLouise

    This video is beautiful. I love how the box takes music/food pairings idea and adds the elements of surprise and giving.

    Winning this would be wonderful, as my current turntable was purchased as a starter, and it’s built in speakers really don’t produce the quality sound of a better table, and this would be the perfect way to upgrade.

  • Betsie Frei

    The best part of this video is the end! When it shows a group of people enjoying food and music together.

    This is why I’d love to win this turntable: I have a perfect spot in my new dining room, where I would love to entertain friends with some great tunes and delicious food.

  • For me, the best part of the video is the short and simple demonstration of the different recipes being made. I really enjoy cooking and could imagine myself making a meal for a dinner party.

  • Patricia Ann

    This is such a neat idea! My favorite part was that scene when that raspberry mousse was being scooped into those little milk jars, topped with the fluffy cheese and crushed pistachios. I love trying out recipes and making sure to share them with friends. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Chris P

    Such a cool concept to pair the joys of music and preparing/sharing of food! Would love to win so I’d have a turntable for y’all’s vinyl mixes and some great LP’s that have been passed to me by family.

  • Beautiful video. Beautiful idea. And beautiful food! Favorite partโ€”everyone sitting down to a meal together.

  • opgt666

    I think this is a fantastic concept. I started a dinner club months ago with friends where we meet once a month and eat dinner together, usually pot luck style. The idea of paring music with food and friends is amazing. As a dedicated foodie, winning this contest would close the gap and allow our dinner club to share the warm sounds of music on vinyl. My favorite part of the video is opening up the Pairings Box and finding out what’s inside!

  • Erin

    Great giveaway and I love the video!

  • bg

    I love this! It’s a beautiful video and makes me want to have the people I love over immediately. And to eat roasted eggplant as well. It’s a great concept though!

  • Amy

    I want! Love the moment of opening the package to see what’s inside.

  • Mamma Pajama! How completely delightful. The video is simply wonderful and makes me all the more envious! I still can’t believe how simple the idea is (and fantastic the execution is): Good music + Good Food = Good Times!

    Congrats on your success so far!

  • A.Lee

    Fav part = seeing the box unfold with the creative packaging and colorful spices.

    I should win bc 1. I’ve been following TTK since the beginning, way back before Pairings Boxes 2. Mexican Summer is one of the best labels out there right now, would LOVE to have a sweet mix from them.

  • Jason Daniel

    The best facet of the video is the pairing of music and visuals. Everything about the video makes me want to be there, enjoying the experience of listening, cooking, enjoying, and discovering. Excellent work!

  • My favorite part of the video was the visual suggestion of using the parings box to set up a lil’ dinner party type situation. It’s something i’ve always wanted to do and this would be the perfect reason. Of course the biggest reason i’d like to win is to own a turntable. I already have a few records but nothing to play them on.

  • my favourite part about this video is the great taste in music, and that the eggplant recipe which looks SO delicious. (also, what a gorgeous engagement ring!)

    I’d like to win the contest because I’ve been eyeing a turntable for over a year now, and I think the starter record collection would be fantastic ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ReneeBRiehl

    Overall, you guys have great style and packaging. Great font choices! Great song selection! I really enjoyed the moment of carefully stacking the eggplant slices. As a music nerd and fan of all things old school, I’d like to win to maintain a little piece of the tangible. Forgo the mp3s, and host a i-gadget free dinner party where conversation is king.

  • Tony

    The food all looks delicious! I think my favorite part was the kebob. I’d like to win because my wife and I enjoy making and eating dinners like that and because I have a bunch of cool records but no turntable. Thanks for the chance!

  • B Kroon

    I made this menu! Great to see it in action; I was totally reassured that I did it correctly. Plus zaatar is one of my very favorites.

    I am currently without turntable but getting albums each month. This desperately needs to be remedied.

  • Ctubach

    As a designer, I love the whole concept of personalized packaging! You guys do a great job of putting together a lovely, homey box ready to listen to and make a fantastic meal. The cards are excellently designed and makes me want to dive right into the recipes even more. But I think my favorite part of the actual video was the last few seconds with the hanging tag and the fading people. It tied the video together and made me wanting to come back for more!

    As of now I am listening to my records on my boyfriends record player (not a bad one by any means!) but I think I’m ready for my own, and it would be a treat to have one as pretty as that one!

  • Jeremy Mauck

    The video was a perfect summary of of what it feels like to open the box every month. Exciting! My favorite part was watching the eggplant, because I’ve been waiting until they’re in season before I make it. Not sure I can wait much longer.

  • Joseph Calvo

    Music and food are two of the greatest joys of life. I love the close ups of the mixing of ingredients and the descending of the Turntable Kitchen tag at the end was great.

  • Lets see, the best part of the video is when everyone sits down to enjoy their delicious meal to a fitting soundtrack!

  • Stanchez Horrera

    Best part of video: Cooking to vinyl. Rich and velvety music to accompany the sweet smell of roasted eggplant. Indulging in the intoxicating stimuli. This video has captured one of the few small pleasures that life has to offer.

    Why I’d like to win: So I too, can enjoy the small pleasure.

  • Alex

    I don’t think I deserve this more than the next person, but I’d be really awesome to own one of these turntables. I am really interested in buying Vinyls but the turntables are a little pricey! Can’t wait!

  • Claudia Leduc

    While the entire video made me want to immediately throw an intimate dinner party, it was the tight shots of the food prep, paired with the great music that held me. I would love to win this giveaway as I am in the process of searching for a turntable for my husband but come what may Cheers!! Great video.

  • Jlppeterson

    The video just made the recipes seem so doable, not intimidating as new recipes can seem at times. Plus being able to see the food in the different stages makes a world of difference in my opinion–I hope you keep making the videos with each pairing box! I would L.O.V.E. the turntable because I am soon to be married and I want to do a pairing box each month as a way to start a new tradition together that we can keep doing for years to come!

  • Isabel

    Love the video, nicely done! My favourite part was the beginning– opening the package, my sister got me a pairing box as a gift, (the same one featured mmm zataar!) so much love fit into the tiny box. it would be great to win cos there’s just nothing like the sound produced from vinyl, and to be able to share that, and also what a story about where the turntable came from :)!

  • Tvham88

    Aside from the awesome concept (music + food? hello!?!) I really like the overall look of the video – awesome shooting, editing and the song is fantastic.

  • Zagunda

    I love the entire concept and the attention to detail is amazing! I can’t wait to receive my first box (ahem, my husbands first box. A gift that I will enjoy immensely!)

  • Alyssa

    Such a great concept. My favorite part is actually the shot of the solitary hand stirring the yogurt sauce. This is probably more of a function of good filmmaking, but the cut off to this shot is timed perfectly with the shift in the music. Plus, it’s just a cool illustration of mixing that fits well with the theme: mixtapes, mix of food + music, mixing the sauce.

    As for the turntable, well I’d love to finally own one. I’m guilty of buying vinyl without actually having a turntable, as I’m still looking for the perfect one. Perhaps this one’s it?

  • Ellisha

    The video was great, especially the end shot when the friends are sitting together enjoying the lovely meal, the music and the wine. The close-up of TK’s signature tag was a nice touch too. I recently was inspired to create a similar dining scene at my place using your Shimp Taco recipe with the chipotle spice! I would really like to win the turntable, as I don’t have one. I enjoy TK’s digital mix tape each month, but so far have had to pass on the records to my friends who have turntables.

  • MB

    I shouldn’t have watched that while I was hungry! That sauce for the eggplant looks amazing, and was my fave shot in the video. And the turntable is pretty sweet too… I have a lovely old turntable cabinet from a thrift store but could use something that isn’t quite so crackly and scratchy.

  • Amanda Raab

    1. Done!

    2. Favorite part: Hard to choose between the beautiful turntable and the roasted zucchini…

    Why I’d like to win: I have two main hobbies these days: cooking and music. So finding your blog a few weeks ago was quite a treat! After bouncing around from city to city the last few years, I find myself finally, permanently ensconced in one place. So I’m cooking, baking, and longing to build up my vinyl collection again (don’t even ask how much I sold or gave away…). But it needs to start with a good turntable…..

    3. Done and done!

    4. Done!

  • Diane Bassette

    Oh my, a new recipie, looks awesome!
    My uncle left me tons of records I would love to play on this!! woot! tweeting @saraminda

  • Jenny Herdman Lando

    What the video highlights most for me is the care and attention paid to each and every detail of what is in the pairings box. Contents, packaging and an understanding that it will be opened in someone’s home is fully evident. It is not some random product to be chosen from a shelf, but it is designed specifically with someone like me in mind.

    I have taken on the new role as band manager and communications director to a young indie band here in Astoria NY. I need to get current with music and would love to do so on a turntable! I am also very excited that my kids are ready to eat new and interesting foods. Getting a box with suggestions will help with meal planning.

  • Sf Bayley

    My favorite part of the video is definitely the presentation of the tapioca pudding dessert – the little mason jars are SO cute! I also really like how the video reminds me that I JUST moved in to a place that can accommodate dinner parties – there’s pretty much nothing better (except maybe a great concert), and your pairing boxes are the best of both! I’d love to win and put my new apartment to good use; I’d host a dinner party, play some great tunes, and send you lots of pictures!

  • Bonnieleehull

    How Cool! This just does not get any better. Food,and Music WOW! Love it! Who wouldn’t want to cook….

  • Mar Espanol

    This is AWESOME + COOL. I recently have been searching for zata’ar. Is that what the spice mix that gets poured into the yogurt? That’s my favorite part because I’ve been so excited about that spice. But really I liked the whole unpacking part. It made me want to open the box in real life. Fun!

    I love finding recipes, and playing with the spices. I’ve been obsessed with recipe a day books. And this sort of takes that idea, but gives an experience and it comes in the snail mail. I love receiving mail. And Cooking. And cooking while music is playing. Oh dear! I Can’t write anymore. I’m so excited about all of this! I haven’t even tried to subscribe yet! I hope I can get in on it for March, because it’s my birthday month!

  • Bryce

    Great video. My favorite part is when the needle touches the record.

    For the record (bad pun), this site is responsible for getting me into vinyl. I’d just like to take the time to say thank you.

  • My favorite part was the clinking of the wine glasses!

  • Courtney

    Great video! Favorite part has to be those awesome and totally unique looking recipes! I know it would help be branch out of my cooking box! ๐Ÿ™‚ What an amazing giveaway!

  • Loved the music choice! Favorite part was the preparation of the eggplant. I would love to win because I have been fascinated with record players since a young child, playing “vintage” kiss records on my mimis old turntable. Sadly those were my only few exposures to vinyls. Winning also means I could rock out to new music while enjoying my new-found hobby of cooking, a foodie’s dream come true!

  • Arun Marsten

    I really liked the order of events in the video, namely that the music came first. She started playing the record and then started cooking, as if the music was informing her choices which was really cool. Then all of her friends came over at the end, which to me said that music doesn’t have to completely personal. You can bond while listening to music, or even better you can bond over music. Good stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I really dug the music and those delicious looking kabobs! I’d really like to win because I’m trying to restart my record collection. I lost most of my previous collection in a big move.

  • Megan Bradley

    My favorite part of the video is where you find out she is cooking for her friends in the end which is what I love about cooking is sharing the experience with other people. I love how these boxes are a complete experience in cooking and listening.
    I’d love to win since my husband has an old 50’s radio with a turn table we haven’t been using enough and it would inspire more dinners with friends.

  • Joiedwards

    My favorite part of the video is the stacking of the eggplant. That ends up being a beautiful presentation and the table at the end with all the friends around.

  • I loved the pistachios onto the rice pudding. LOVE rice pudding. Happy Valentines!

  • I loved the preparation pics – the process and display are always vital in my mind ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 54dianalu

    I love the moment when the box is open and when the disc is put on the turntable

  • SamSamSamK

    I simply loved the beginning of the video -the opening of the box with its beautiful packaging- as well as the food that looked absolutely delish. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win this giveaway; being a “poor” university student, I really don’t have much money to spend on starting a sweet record collection, so this would be absolutely well-appreciated.

  • lynnb

    My favorite part was the person putting on the new vinyl – the excitement and anticipation of hearing what someone else recommends and what you havent’ heard before. I’ve been looking into getting a turntable, so winning all this would be perfect timing!

  • Erin Beyler

    My favorite part is either A) the music or B) the end with friends gathered around a table to enjoy a nice meal. It’s something we like to do a lot.

  • Being a Chef & avid Music Snob…I can say, NOTHING makes cooking more enjoyable than listening to music. I loved the vintage flare of the added light leaks & the Eggplant and yogurt stack looked great.

  • I want to come over to your place for dinner! I liked how the hands changed from Matthews to Kasey’s depending on if it was music or food that was being shot. It showed real symbiotics between the two of you, as well as between the food and music.
    I am in a recent musical reawakening and loving all the new music I have been finding, here and in other places (although here is my favorite). I haven’t had a turntable in years and would love to get the chance to spin discs again, especially to plug into my computer!

  • Melissa S.

    There’s nothing quite like opening your door and having a gift waiting. Music, cooking, friends, wine–just gets better!

  • I love this idea! My favorite part of the video is the compact package and sweet wrapping–makes it feel so special!

  • kristy

    love love LOVE this idea!! my favorite part was definitely the eggplant & the preparation- so awesome! i love the idea of integrating music with cooking- as i feel everyone should. would love to win this & be able to share it with friends & family. wonderful idea & wonderful giveaway!

  • Wow! This is awesome!! I loved watching you prepare the food especially the kabobs. You should add a clip of people dancing to the music or something ๐Ÿ™‚

    I would SO love to win this – wow!

  • Margaret Lai

    My favorite part is the food and the music played in the video. It is literally 9:37 and I am ready for a nice Mediterranean lunch. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am now following on Twitter as @bite_size_baker, tweeted about it:!/bite_size_baker/status/169835497210920960 and I’ve liked your rad FB page. This of course totally lessens my chances but I don’t mind because the prize is so awesome–I can think of several of my friends who would LOVE to have this.

  • Anonymous

    I really loved the editing during the food prep. I liked how it cut to a new scene while pulling up, down or away.

    I would love to win this because I use to collect vinyl…I had a massive collection, but for financial reasons I had to sell it off. I’m in a better place now and ready to start a collection again!

    Justin W.

  • Michael Couse

    The video looked fantastic! Great production, and loved the song choice. Food and vinyl are probably my two favorite things. Would LOVE to win this giveaway!

  • nbongo

    It’s got to be the thrill of opening the box, and the anticipation of good music and amazing recipes – I like that part – the frisson!!! Also you make it look so easy, like why aren’t we all making good interesting food on a regular basis?

    OK, I’ve been throwing hints to my husband for a while about eventually replacing an old turntable I had when we met. It broke and despite many trips to the Russian repairman on Van Ness, nothing could be done, sadly. I miss analog like you wouldn’t believe, and still faithfully have a crate of albums waiting for me if we ever get our expenses together.

  • Megan Fisher

    I love the way this was filmed and the song is great. The “demo” aspect of the video was a wonderful way to showcase the Pairings Box and definitely made my mouth water a bit ๐Ÿ™‚ The video perfectly encompassed your blog and the Pairings Box.
    I really want to start my record collection and I need a record player to enable that to happen. You guys are great for hosting this giveaway.

  • Natalia

    Man, those chicken skewers look BOMB. Mouth is watering…

    The cooking process is my favorite part of the video, although I would’ve liked to see the chef do a little dancing in between scenes ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hope I win this! The turntable would match my living room perfectly.

    Keep up the great work, guys!

  • Jen

    Love the idea…can’t wait to try the food and use the spices!!

  • Love the song!

  • Iris Rankin

    That was lovely. My favorite part was the zucchini stacks. Nicely done, and they made me drool. I just got the Parings Box for my boyfriend for February, but we haven’t made the recipe yet (we’re both excited and waiting for a good date night). I feel like if I had my own turntable, I’d be more likely to get the parings box for myself!

  • Chris Rich

    between the food, the music and just the feel of the video makes me want to try those recipes…

  • I just found out I have a gluten allergy and can no longer do my favorite breaded eggplant, but the eggplant recipe in the video looks even better and healthier too. Nothing makes me happier than playing good music in the kitchen while fixing a meal.

  • I LOVE this video! What a great way to show the TK pairings box goodness… Simple as it sounds, I’d have to say my fave part was having it arrive on the doorstep (love getting mail!) but the wine-sipping with friends at the end is a close second. ๐Ÿ˜‰ You guys rock and I’m off to tweet about this now… <3

  • everything about the video is great! it makes me hungry for some good food and some good tunes!

    i always play music while i cook and i’d love to have a new record player so the crackle from the vinyl will complement the crackle of whatever is sizzling on my stove!

  • best part? the unboxing of course! the entire exitement of waiting for the box reaches it’s top right here and is then unleashed by cooking to the recipes along with the sound from my aged record player finalized by the tasted of thouse fresh and uncommun recipes (besides having the fun of converting the measurements for it from U.S. to E.U)

    why? because my record player really come into ages and has some weak spots :

  • Records play music in a way that it takes you back to that one moment. I broke the ice with my roommate freshman year of college with a Billie Holiday vinyl and the addition of Christmas lights to our new humble abode. She has never forgotten how beautiful that night was and we still bring it up to this day.

    This video shows how both music and food have a universally enchanting quality, bringing people together, and in that quality they both create those once in a lifetime moments that cannot be recreated but can be relived forever.

    I’d LOVE to win because my record player broke. I’m starting a photography business and have no money to buy a new one because all my money gets sunk into equipment for the biz. I just stare at my beautiful record collection getting dusty on the shelves.

    Help! I would be eternally grateful, you have no idea!

  • Molly

    There are lots of great parts, but I like the sharing aspect of the video. How you could assume everyone helped with the making of the meal and then the sharing of it. Wonderful idea!

  • Stephanie A Schneider

    I love the whole concept. And I think the best part of the video is your packaging design and logo, they’re neat.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite part of the video is the music – and that eggplant dish; it looks so yummy! I LOVE this idea – I actually shared it over the holidays in a gift guide I compiled – but I have yet to try the pairings box for myself! Thanks for the chance to win! I retweeted about the giveaway; my handle is @nboddington. My email address is Thanks again!

  • my favorite part of the video? how do i choose?! the music, the recipe, the inspiration to get my ass out of the drive-thru and into my kitchen! this is so great.

  • Anonymous

    I like two things about the video: the sweet turntable, and the awesome finished eggplant dish!

    I love the pairing of music and food, so I’d like to win the contest so I’d have a bunch of new music to listen to as I cook!

  • Annette

    What a lovely video — this is such a great and clever concept and I loved the ease shown in preparing the beautiful meal. I have a HUGE record collection that has been neglected for lack of a turntable. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Hanna

    I loved the whole video! So well done. I particularly loved the presentation of all of the food. It all looked so beautiful and delicious!

  • Hanna

    and I would love to win because I love having friends over for dinners and this would be the perfect way to set the tone/theme/mood of the next party!

  • Kelly

    it’s all so good! i think my favorites are the eggplant sequence and the dropping in of the TTK tag at the very end. kudos on a job well done!

  • TK

    The best part is opening the box and setting the needle down on the record! I get so excited when I get my pairing box, it’s like opening a present every month with great tracks and the recipes give me a new challenge as I’m not the best chef in the world.

    I’d LOVE to have the record player because it’s my favorite color and the simple aesthetic is really appealing to me as a designer.

  • TK

    The best part is opening the box and setting the needle down on the record! I get so excited when I get my pairing box, it’s like opening a present every month with great tracks and the recipes give me a new challenge as I’m not the best chef in the world.

    I’d LOVE to have the record player because it’s my favorite color and the simple aesthetic is really appealing to me as a designer.

  • nadinebritt

    Best part: seeing the food!
    Why I want to win: so I can make the food!

    I love the idea of having people over once a month to listen to great music and to make great food. Such an awesome, yet simple, concept.

  • I had to watch it twice, the video was so mesmerizing, I forgot my task. My favorite part might have been the eggplant coming out sizzling, or the meal at the end – sharing food (and music) is the best! I’d love to win because my laptop speakers are a sad stand-in for a home audio system. Cheers!

  • Kacie

    This video screams “made with love.” Adore the packaging, the snapshot of the needle dropping to get the party started and the beautiful kitchen moments. Nothing beats the pairing of delicious food and great music. Well done! I want to sign up everyone I know.

  • SBN

    My favorite part has to be the group coming together at the end and the smiles the food brings to their faces. Isn’t that what it’s all about, the satisfaction of feeding and being fed? Sounds like the good life. I’d love to win because I’ve been jonesing for a new turntable forever. The last one I bought arrived with a broken needle and I couldn’t return it, and I’ve got all this vintage vinyl that’s not available on any other format just collecting dust. I’d love to throw a killer party and spin on a new turntable and serve up some amazing eats for like-minded food/music nerd-connoisseurs.

  • Lisa

    Best part of the video was seeing the food all prepared in the end, I wish the recipes I try from TK turned out like that, but I’m a terrible cook (which is half the reason I read this blog!)

    I’d like to win because my old record player is finally hitting that point of no return and I’ve admired the look of your modern turntable since I first found TK. Was looking into getting a similar one, but this would be so much better (and allow me to use that money on cooking classes instead)! Also, pretty sure the records included would be all new music to me, so that’s exciting.

  • plsiii

    I liked watching him open the box, seeing your logo on the various contents. It’s a nice logo, I’ve also enjoyed some of your recipes. Also the spoon used in the video to scoop the dry ingredients, that was a good spoon. My record player is thousands of miles away in storage so winning one and it being delivered sounds pretty good.

  • Courtney Allen

    My favorite part of the video was everything coming together at the end: the many dishes, the perfect bottle of wine, friends and most importantly, the perfect soundtrack. I’d love to win because I love the process of cooking and listening to music. And I’ve always wanted a record player but have never owned one.

  • Kate

    I love how the video gives you a taste of the excitement of opening a lovingly prepared package. I was also mesmerized by the making of the eggplant dish. It’s lovely how one small box gives way to a memorable evening of food, friends, and music! I don’t have a record player, so I would love to win so I can play the vinyl in the Pairings Box and have the full experience!

  • My favorite part of the video was whatever went into the little Weck jars– looks like a delicious rice pudding, and it’s given me some great ideas!

  • karlie

    Oh my, the video is spectacular best part opening the box and finding out what awaits. Why I’d like to win so I would have music in my kitchen right now I have to play music off the tv in the living room! ๐Ÿ™

  • Lamia

    This video is adorable. I love cooking for friends and my favorite part of the video is where everyone is eating together and enjoying each other’s company. I would love to win this giveaway so that I can add to the experience of cooking for friends and family with awesome music playing on this turntable in the background.

  • hank washer

    Best part of the video was a. the opening with the sweet red white contrast of the record player and vinyl. b. the glass jar being filled with the delicious tapioca pudding and pomegranate sauce. man o’ man does that look good. Lastly, why i should win the EPIC prize is because I have a literal obsession with music, i had roughly 40 or so vinyl albums that I can’t even play because I currently don’t own a record player and more songs on my computer than can be matched by apple, but the fact is I love the music that i buy and i can’t help that i can’t listen to it in the dreamy state of vinyl the way most music was meant to be heard. for now ill have to listen to my amazing tunes on my computer while i cook my mundane food recipes until i get the money to afford a decent player or win this amazing prize. that is all.

  • Stephanie Griffin

    Best Part: the eggplant looks soooo good! Plus the video, music, and idea are all incredible.

  • Baltina

    the assembly of the eggplant dish is pretty magical, it’s like its own little song with the rhythm of the whole process. I would love to win this awesome giveaway because I have always loved the idea of music played via record player while friends were over enjoying some food. Either way, I’m just very excited about this entire project!

  • Mdedepanken

    I loved the whole video, but watching the assembly of the eggplant dish while the music played was particularly pleasant. I’d love to win so I could give this wonderful gift to my boyfriend, a longtime lover of vinyl who has recently discovered the magic of good cooking.

  • Capellett

    I love all the up-close shots of preparing the food — it looks so tasty! I’d love to win because A. We love music and B. We love cooking and C. We love listening to music while we cook and D. We really need a new record player since ours broke!!

  • Best part of the video is that it reminds me that I am blessed with a beautiful girlfriend who has been teaching teaching me about eating healthier. Plus we just had are beautiful daughter Rubi. We are both music freaks. We just started our life together and a beautiful record player like that one would make our world so much more amazing.
    We live your life style good music & good food.

    I liked and follow both your facebook and twitter. I have a music blog so I added it on my news feed and twitter feed.!/llapingachoblog

    + My page so you see I am not making this up :!/chrisleediazparis

    ++ I always cover your page on my news feed (Just check out the FB & TWT)

    Wish us luck.

    Christopher & Jolynn

  • Best part of video, sharing food & music with friends = Love.

  • Anu Reddy1

    Best part: dinner with friends enjoying some awesome new music
    Why me: I loooove that turntable and have been searching for one forever. And I love cooking with tunes

  • Amanda223399

    love the fadeaway during cooking/ focus on the recipe’s turntable kitchen logo. and just the overall good-natured cuteness of the video.

    why me? because i’d love to host a dinner party just like the one pictured while playing music on my new (gorgeous) turntable!

  • My favorite part is that eggplant dish. Looks amazing…

  • My favorite part of the video was the recipes, I have that pairing box, and I’ve made those 3 dishes and they were delightful, everyone enjoyed them.

    I like to win because I’ve always thought of eating as an experience, not just simply an act to survive. Nothing better than a good meal, with a good wine, and good music with great friends. I’d love to be able to add to my vinyl collection to be able to pair up for food/music for dinner parties.

  • Jaci

    Best Part? The food and music pairings! Such an awesome idea!!

    Why? I love to cook and would love to have that turntable to have some amazing tunes in the background while doing so!!

  • Kanicia

    I love that music comes with the box to set the mood. It’s a complete package: complete meal, dessert, atmosphere! love it! I’m in ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Margaret Pardue

    My favorite part of the video is that I just now realized that I could use my Silipat for things other than cookies – like roasting eggplant!! I LOVE EGGPLANT!! Where have I been?!?!

  • Margaret Pardue

    oh, also, I don’t have a twitter (I know, womp womp. . . ) But I shared your Facebook post!

  • Ashley Couse

    loved the video! my favorite part was when it all came together at the end…food, friends, and vinyl are some of my favorite things. this new turntable and record collection would give me even more of an opportunity to bring those things together in my home.

  • Love this idea and video!! Favorite part? Gotta be the eggplant prep. Looked freakin delicious. Brava!

  • What’s NOT to like?! Best part of the video is the cooking demo. Love showing the preparation of the dish, utilizing the recipe & ingredients. Plus your packaging is so stellar. I’d love to win the turn table to listen to the collection my hibs brought in to our marriage. No player–just records! He loves the cover art. Saving my pennies to sign up for the Pairing Box soon! Thanks to Shutterbean for helping me find you. This site is bliss!

  • There is absolutely nothing wrong, and everything right with this video. Music, recipes, surprise goodies! I would love to have this for when I move into my new apartment. Would make for a great move-in party.

  • My favorite part of this video was the whole concept of pairing food recipies with records. I just stumbled onto this website by accident while looking for reasons to put in my sales speech for school next week. I chose to try to sell my class on buying a turntable for my sales speech. I personally only have a crappy 5-in-1 turntable from Target, but still love listening to records on it. I would love to get myself a nice turntable to actually be able to really appreciate the quality of sound coming from my record collection, but I don’t have much money to spend on things like that while I’m still in school. So I would love to win this contest to finally be able to realize high fidelity.

  • Allison

    This whole idea is fantastic! My boyfriend and I are friends with our downstairs neighbors, another couple who love to cook and goof off as much as we do. I just moved out here a little less than two years ago, and it hasn’t been until recent months that this place has started to feel like home. The idea of being able to share something like this with people who have come to mean so much to me fills me with immense joy. So, I guess all that to say: My favorite part is when everyone is together, enjoying each other’s company, and I’d love to win just so I can share the fun with my loved ones.

  • Me Meli

    the cinematography and the crisp shots of the food while the music is playing is classic. This is like the video to slap the good ole chicken soup for the soul books across the face. Turntable Kitchen for the SOUL!!

  • Julia

    My favorite part of the video was definitely… eggplant. Nom nom nom.

    I would love to win because there is just a certain romance about cooking for friends or family with the perfect music going. Turntable Kitchen essentially acts as the matchmaker between the music and the food and I would love to have that experience.

  • Spooning yogurt onto eggplant and sprinkling of pistachio dust are some of the best parts. Cooking is an art and the cinematography shows that so beautifully. I’m hungry.
    I would thoroughly enjoy winning because I love opening gift packages. Also, I have records but no record player. Also, if using the contents of the Pairing Box is as fun as it looks it the video, I could have the time of my life my kitchen. Pick me!

  • jess

    best part of the video was the beautiful home-cooked food being enjoyed with friends, good music in the background, and some nice wine!

    i’d like to win because i love to be inspired to make beautiful food, and enjoy it with great music!

  • Roy Mckee

    Best part of the video, you guys send the spices so I don’t have to go hunting between every store in town for a recipe ingredient.

    Why i’d like to win? that turntable rocks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • best part: beautiful food videography. and oh yes, the music doesn’t hurt either.

  • Tw6449a

    favorite part of the video: cinematography + noms + vinyl
    why i’d like to win: because then I can pretend I can do the same. No, but actually I love turntables, but always felt too guilty to indulge myself with one!

  • Jim Hanke

    Definitely loved how tasty the eggplant looked!!!

  • Anonymous

    My favorite part of the video was the vantage point the video was shot in. It makes it feel like you are the one opening the box and discovering what is inside. I love cooking, so it was like I was the one cooking. Love the music, great job.

  • JIm Hanke

    Oh boy! Forgot to say why I’d like to win: I have a vinyl blog myself and am dedicated to the art of turntables and vinyl. I would give the turntable and the collection a good home and toot the horn of Turntable Kitchen forever! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Llwroblewski

    My favorite part of the video is how it plays with shapes: there seems to be a lovely transition from circles, like the eggplant rounds, to the squares of the salt shaker and plants. I’d like to win because I’m a law student and nothing is more cheering than returning from the library to listen some good music with a glass of wine.

  • Exileonmainst79

    My fav part of the video is the whole thing. We always pull out a few select slabs of vinyl while we cook. It was just like home to me.

  • Stephanie

    The best part of the video is getting to see the contents of the box and what is included inside. What a great way to share the experience. I’d love to win this turntable and give it as a gift to my sweet husband who is a true vinyl collector. He deserves a special record player to listen to all of his albums.

    Thanks for offering such a lovely giveaway!

  • James Fishwick

    I always screw up eggplant, best part is showing me what to correct next time.

  • Alisha

    Loved the bed music. But also loved the shots of the eggplant, I can never cook mine as beautifully. They looks so lovely stacked…..

  • Erica Garcia

    Favorite part of the video was the quick shot of the chicken recipe, it looked like I could actually do that! Also, the seasoned rice. YUM.

    I would like to win because I need to experience this. I just play the radio in the kitchen, need a red turntable.

  • Konstantina-diana

    Well, as you said: ” This giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian residents only” and i’m sure i can’t win because i’m from Greece, i saw the video and i would like to leave my comment as a food-music lover too! actually i studied as a cook, but tryin to keep my dream get into music by buying vinyls(for the moment), cause of my low income and hope to get one.. ok or maybe two turntables! ๐Ÿ˜‰ So my favourite part of the video is the first scene when the girl opens the door!! i think this feeling is gorgeous, the surprise you feel of having something you love, from someone as a gift!!!
    P.S. The meal should be great… yaaaamii

  • favorite part: opening your apartment door and finding a package labeled turntable kitchen.
    why I’d like to win: I wanna be a part of this exciting new concept.

  • I loved the whole video & the concept, especially the beginning when the box was being unpacked because I was curious about what would be inside!

    I would like to win because that is the coolest turntable ever! (my favorite color is definitely red)

  • So cool! Favorite part was seeing that you apparently release your own 7″s. There are some artists in South Florida that would be perfect for your Pairings Box. I’d love to win this package: Pro-ject Debut III seems like an awesome turntable and Mexican Summer is pretty solid. Hope I win!

  • Mila Chadayammuri

    My personal favorite was the moment where you placed the sheeshkebab on the bed of rice (sprinkled with ground paprika, is it?) Such a powerful confluence of sound, colour and taste. If my understanding of your life were to be summarized in three seconds, these would be the ones.

  • Joleneparker26

    I really loved the whole concept, but my favorite part was seeing the smiles as food, music, & friends finally come together in the end.
    I’d love to win because I absolutely love the sound of vinyl. I recently had to leave most of my collection and my turntable when I left a bad relationship. This would be such an upgrade from the Fisher Price!

  • Kim F.

    I can’t pick a specific favorite part of the video – for me it was the overall feel that put me in a happy place. My mouth was watering and my mind was rocking out to the track. My husband and I have been talking about purchasing a turntable for a LONG time but it has never come to fruition. Winning this would be perfect.
    Signed up for the March box and can’t wait for it to arrive. Food and music are an important part of our family so this is a perfect fit – what a fun surprise to get in the mail each month.

  • Mary Casserly Arora

    Love the video. Fav part is the close ups of of delicious food.. you guys always make me so hungry!
    Would love to win so I could really enjoy listening to my vinyl, currently using a portable player found at a flea market.. my vinyl needs an upgrade!

  • Anonymous

    Love the video. Fav part is the close ups of of delicious food.. you guys always make me so hungry!
    Would love to win so I could really enjoy listening to my vinyl, currently using a portable player found at a flea market.. my vinyl needs an upgrade!

  • Adrienne

    The video is gorgeous and well made! I love going through the process. It looks easy and delicious. I’d love to win the new turntable because it reminds me of one of my favorite nights I’ve ever had. My boyfriend and I visited his parents and stayed up all night drinking wine and listening to his dad’s record collection. It would be great to bring that home.

  • Adrienne

    The video is gorgeous and well made! I love going through the process. It looks easy and delicious. I’d love to win the new turntable because it reminds me of one of my favorite nights I’ve ever had. My boyfriend and I visited his parents and stayed up all night drinking wine and listening to his dad’s record collection. It would be great to bring that home.

  • Nick Yeo

    My favourite part is the anticipation of knowing that something awesome lies within the package when you open your door! Although you can’t see it, I’m sure the guy’s face is beaming – what wonderous tastes and sounds will I experience today?

    I’d like to win as it’s my dream to get into vinyl and winning this contest would be the perfect way to! I don’t have a player but I have got some LPs that are anxiously waiting to be spun.

  • Mariah

    I loved that this video really showed the essence of Turntable Kitchen: what it means to pair delicious food with astounding music to create those magical, otherworldly moments. Where this really came together was at the dinner scene. I strive to combine music and food to create that surreal beauty in my life, and I hope that this epic prize will help me create that!

    I’m about to join a co-op of 24 people, and I’d love to help facilitate friendships over food, music, and a sweet starter collection. I lost my record player and one of my boxes of records in the move, and can’t wait to start rebuilding my collection!

  • berigudtaim

    simple food + good music + good friends + some wine = very happy people. Love your blog! un abrazo!

  • Love toward the end of the video where the woman puts pistachios on top of the rice pudding…, and she and her guests are about to eat!

  • I enjoyed the mix of color and flavors in each recipe, also your assortment of cookware. Cool cookware always draws the eye. I would really love to win the pairing box to bring a little adventure in to the kitchen. The sweet record player and vinyl collection would be an awesome bonus.

  • Jen Skidmore

    My favorite part was that it felt like it was from MY perspective! Which would be awesome…

  • Anonymous

    My favorite part was that it felt like it was from MY perspective! Which would be awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’d like to win because I’ve never been able to afford a nice turntable, though I fantasize about buying vinyl on the regular. This would be an amazing enhancement to my aural experience at home, and I would be so proud to share great food & good tunes with friends!

  • I love when you’re mixing the spices into the yogurt because the imagery makes me feel as if I’m in a different country.. I want to win the spinner because I just started getting into vinyl, can’t get enough of it, and this would be one more (perfect) reason to get more.

  • sean fagan

    I really liked the concept of pairing music with food. The video of the food was bright and colorful as the tunes, and the camera movements plus the extreme close-ups really gave the meals texture; almost like you can taste the dishes. Also liked that the graphics and the hands never crowed the shots, almost like watching it live.
    I’d like to win because I’ve always been a big music fan of all genres, but I have never had a turntable of my own. I even own records, but borrow friends’ players to listen to them. I keep my small collection of vinyl around, in hopes to own a proper turntable someday. Would be nice to have one that has character and has been loved.

  • Heidi

    My favorite part of the video: the delicious dรฉnouement. Food is meant to beโ€”and best enjoyedโ€”shared with friends and family. Finally seeing the dishes hit the table amidst good company, wine, and laughter was a great reminder of why I adore food and what I strive to create in my own home.

  • Juli

    Stacked eggplant – GORGEOUS! Happy ears and happy bellies around the table – LOVE IT! I wanna win because everyone needs more music in their kitchen!

  • Yvonne

    After a gastronomically starved childhood with the same tired dishes week after week I promised myself that I would be able to prepare a wide variety of meals that would delight even the choosiest of appetites, and so my quest for culinary knowledge began. I endeavour to try at least three new recipes each week and am always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to incorporate new flavours and experiences into my cooking. I’m so happy to have stumbled across your site because I think the Pairings Box, as evidenced by your awesome video, will be a great way to expand my culinary repertoire and provide me with an awesome playlist on the side which is always something I’ve struggled with. The record player and a vinyl collection could certainly help revitalize my dinner party playlist. Either way, I’ll be subscribing to the Pairings Box!

  • Hollie Whitby

    This video is awesome. I love everything about it! So nice to have a visual of everything you receive in your pairings box. I definitely should not have watched it while hungry though, now all I want is some eggplant.

  • Jennifer

    GREAT idea….my favorite part of the video: how delicious the food looked! As I watched the meal come together, I could really imagine making those chicken kabobs and I love love love rice pudding. Kudos on making a video that made me want to join the pairings box!

  • Ladybug613

    The whole video is perfect, but I love the beginning when the box is being opened and unwrapped! So fun to watch! I’d love to win because I love the thought of cooking and listening to records (the only way to really enjoy music!)

  • Adrienne Hovey

    My favorite part is a tie between was when the Motel Beds was pulled out of the box (really takes it home for me) and how beautiful the food looked knowing it tasted even better! I would love to win this prize because I have been looking into getting a turntable recently and have loved Matthew’s taste in music for many years (I still have and listen to some mix tapes he gave me long ago).
    Really great video, you not only bring together music and food but love and sharing with friends…really proud of you two!

  • Marisa

    My favorite part was watching the delicious food being prepared. It looked like something that even I could make. Turntable Kitchen combines my two favorite things of all time, music and food, which usually when combined produce great gatherings of friends, family, and good memories. You seem to understand this more than anyone. I hope I win!

  • Biz Lindsay

    This video makes me want to spend the next two hours listening to great music and cooking something amazing. It speaks to people who are passionate about food and music, but also who love the process of enjoying something start to finish– a song, a playlist, a recipe– and sharing the experience with those around them.

    And I’d like to win so I can do just that. With a sweet turntable and record collection, of course.

  • Lauren Fedders

    The creative direction and styling on this video is simply fantastic. A delight to watch, form begining to end. I am partial to the eggplant scenes. I want to eat that NOW! Stylist, Amatuer Photographer, Foodie and Music Maven, with tendencies that lean toward anything retro, nostalgic and/or vintage (…and a father with a SERIOUS record collection who MIGHT have offered to gift me my very first set of speakers and some records if I WIN this–) Food+ Music + Pure Joy!

  • giakaylee29

    i love that at the end, dinner is served to an intimate group of people, and they look like they’re having fun! honestly, i don’t cook much, because i don’t like cooking by myself. it’s… pretty boring. i like cooking with others! i would love to win so that i can invite some friends over and cook while listening to music~ how cool!

  • Gina Maffei

    Best part of the video??? The experience! Life should be about experiences with people you love, and what a great way to do this. Sharing food and music with people you care about, spending time together, taking a moment to slow down and enjoy life – now that is what we all should be doing!

  • Rebecca

    I love the concept of pairing beautiful food and music. The surprise box is captivating. I am especially drawn to the beautiful colors of the food. I also like that the unique seasonings are included. The proper seasonings are what makes a meal stand out. The pairing box idea seems to create a unique food experience involving all of the senses. I would love to win the glossy red turntable and share a special meal my friends.

  • Esmeralda

    Whenever I am in the kitchen baking any sort of concoction I can come up with, I always like to have some sort of music. It really lightens up any mood and I like to believe that the music lets me put the “love” that we have always believed to be the secret ingredient to create a satisfactory, final product. The video put together some of the best things in my life together, cooking, music, and loved ones; it is a real treat the the ears, the eyes, and -clichรฉ enough- the soul.

    Right now, I’ve only got my iHome to allow music in the kitchen but nothing will beat the elegance of a beautiful turntable.

  • Trisha

    My favorite part of the video is all the tasty food. I also LOVE the concept of pairing a meal with an album and think turntable kitchen is a ridiculously cool idea. And I want to win (obviously) for the turntable/records but also to try the pairings box!

  • Sonia Lala

    I love this video because it makes cooking look so easy! It shows that cooking (with music) is so enjoyable. That combination in itself makes me feel so free and that is just what the video shows too. love it! And of course, I would want to win because I have been wanting a turntable for so long =)

  • Dea Occhietti

    My favorite part of the video had to be the great pairing of music and food with excellent filmography – of course! Making delectable dishes while jamming out to music is one of my favorite past times; it’s helped me make new friends, bond with my current buds, and reminisce with the old. To me, this video showed exactly that.

    I’d like to win to be able to continue with my traditions, but with the comfort of playing all of my different music collections in an audio format that they should be played in – heartwarming smooth vinyl. It’s like being coaxed into a warm bear hug next to a fireplace in your favorite little cabin in the woods.

    Thank you for having such a wonderful idea and giveaway.

  • Irene

    I liked the beginning of the video -the opening of the box, it is always exciting to get mail and what would be inside is what we often forget about- what a simple pleasure. I would like to win because I truly collect vinyl and it’s not just a hobby or something cool to do, its a choice I have made. I still do not download music, I buy it all on the vinyl.

  • Cody McKee

    I love watching a meal come together like it did in this video, and especially the feeling I get that says, “I totally want to eat

  • Cody McKee

    Ugh, I guess it shows I’ve never commented here before, sorry :

    ANYWAY, I will share my though in full now… I love watching a meal come together, and that feeling I get that says, “I totally want to eat that right now!” I can probably count on one hand the times I’ve had eggplant… not because I don’t like it, just really never fix it. But I would totally eat what you all made in this video! Aaaaaannnd I love that turntable. Seriously. The Debut III has been on my wishlist for a long time, and that slick red is just beautiful.

  • Cody McKee

    I need to quit jumping the gun here… So, I love the food in the video, and I would love to win because I am a genuine music junkie… I love this site for introducing me to a slew of great new artists that I never would have found on my own. I have been building a nice vinyl collection for the last couple years, but I am always on the lookout for music that I’m not familiar with and that doesn’t typically get any radio play. So this package will be great for that! And as I already said… I would love to have that turntable ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Perfect combo: good food and good music. The food looked delish, the music was excellent. You guys have a good thing going here. Yessir.

  • Elissa Oblath-Johnsrud

    gah! i have been in dire need of this turntable seeing as all my TK Pairings EPs are not getting any action other than my loving stares. they are ready to be turned right round baby

  • Laila Milevski

    I loved the repetition of shots showing cooks mixing or sprinkling powdered ingredients or seasonings into the food. The first instance of this–where the cook mixed the dry powder to make the dip–was especially powerful because the cut made the whole thing look magical.

    I’d love to win this give-away because my turntable recently broke, and I’d love to get a higher quality record player. I’ve only just gotten into listening to vinyl and would appreciate a introductory package like this. Moreover, I want to take part in Turntable Kitchen’s offerings!

  • I always listen to music while cooking…it’s almost to the point where I can’t cook without it. ย That’s why I think your music and food pairings idea is so fantastic…added to that the wine pairing suggestions and some specialized ingredients and you have a completely fantastic idea!

    I’d love to win because I think the pairings box ย idea is awesome and because that’s definitely the cutest turntable I have ever seen and it’s really hard to find them in general nowadays.

    As for the video, I really love all of it, but my favourite part is definitely the very beginning when the person opens the front door and their pairings box is waiting right there – it expresses all the feelings of an extra yummy huge parcel arriving in the post and the whimsy of a child finding a surprise package on their doorstep: absolutely perfect!

  • Jennifer Foley

    I loved how the video showed the packaging that the user could expect. It totally added to the whole experience of Turntable Kitchen. I’m a sucker for great packaging … and having friends over for dinner.

  • David Heath

    i would luv this

  • Sally

    WOW! The tune and the meal are in my head for who knows how long! Great video! I want to buy this as a wedding gift for every couple I know! It’s tough to choose “a favorite part” out of 2 minutes – I love editing really! From the first shot of Turntable’s box waiting on the porch to the fade-out from the 4 sharing dinner to the focus on the cute and simple Turntable Tag and the chorus: “I see a dreamer in you…!”

    Just perfect!

  • laura

    What i enjoyed most about the video was the anticipation of what the box contained. I liked how it went through each step from opening the box all the way to setting the food on the table! I’m a big fan of vinyl and food and i would love to win this giveaway!

  • Jennifer E.

    Wow! I just found your website today while looking for advice on what record player to buy. The Pairings Box concept is so amazing! The part I like the most in the video is the meshing of cooking with good music playing, all culminating in a wonderful evening with friends. Who wouldn’t want that?

    I would like to win because I’m just starting out with my record collection and looking for a player.

  • Dave D

    My favorite part of this video was the soundtrack and the creative cooking ideas, and the combination of the two with the HD video. I would like to win this because I have been saving some money to buy a turntable and some records. This would be a tremendously great gift!

  • lalahartma

    My favorite part was unpacking to box. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Oliver

    So happy to discover Turntable Kitchen! Loved the video – especially how what can be ordinary moments in whipping up a meal are made revelatory – the sprinkle of spices, the spooning of punch-red into the bottom of dessert cups, the passing of eggplant stacks across the table… The marriage of music and food and friends is already magical – the video does a fine job of giving voice and vision to that.

    I would love to win that sweet turntable and starter record collection – I’ve been thirsting for some new independent music, but most of all, the idea of owning a turntable transports me, listening to Van Morrison and the Big Chill soundtrack on vinyl in the living room of my youth. Something sort of gets lost in the process of pushing Play on a touch screen. Thank you, Turntable Kitchen!

  • HowNearHowFar

    First, thanks for putting together the Pairings Box. It is a surprise every month, and it has yet to disappoint in any fashion. As for the video, besides the great music by Cheerleader, my favorite aspect was the communal dinner at the end. We have invited friends over to help us sample the last two pairings boxes, and it makes for a great social occasion. Keep up the great work.

    Oh, and as for why I would like the amazing turntable and record collection, I have been trying to save up for this very turntable for a bit now, but life keeps getting in the way. I finally did just get some red speakers, too, so the color would be perfect. Also, Mexican Summer puts out some amazing stuff.

  • Renreiske

    The idea of eating out less and eating in more appeals to me and something I’ve been working towards. Your video makes me want this even more. There are so many nice captures here… mood music, the ease of gorgeous cooking, the love of healthy, delicious food. I’m smitten by it all. I would love that red turntable but even more, I would love to do this and make it an enriching habit. Wonderful idea and I look forward to the experience, cooking, eating, listening and {yes!} blogging about my newfound experience.

  • My favorite parts were the song, the colors of everything, and the tag coming down at the end. No, not because the video was over! It was more like saying “Fin” at the end of a French film. There’s something in fiction called the “Chekovian spinout” which is the sense that even though you’ve come to the end of the story, the characters are still going to continue on their journey–and the tag coming down was almost like a shade, telling the viewer “Enough watching. Go. Create your own dinnertime magic.”

  • We love the any videos about food, but as a band…MUSIC and FOOD! Brilliant! We loved seeing a shout-out to the Dayton band MOTEL BEDS. As for “why we should win”, well because our new album Feral is being released on vinyl within the next month and we want to give away a turntable to on lucky fan at one of our shows. So we thought… Why not spread the word of TK and help out a fan.

    Keep rockin.

  • Heather

    While the entire video was superbly put together and really flowed so nicely, my favorite part was watching the dried herb mixture combine with the yoghurt in that beautiful brown stone bowl. There was something very earthy and warm about that scene.
    I would like to win because red is my favorite color and I honestly can’t function in my day without a constant source of music. As a designer I am a purist and this classicly designed turntable makes me a little giddy!

  • Todd Wachtel

    Sound and taste is an incredibly powerful pairings which touch the soul on so many levels. I have been consistently impressed with the passion for both at this site. I’d like to win to check out all of the new music. However, if I don’t, I look forward to the new music recommendations.

  • Audreyg234

    I love this – we already listen to records while cooking – the husband is an avid vinyl collector – so this would just be another wonderful addition to our home. I also love how meticulous the “chef” is on this video, and the editing – very nicely put together!

  • iamthereplicant

    So, Cheerleader + food that sets my college palate all aflutter? Yes plz. The music gets my vote for best part of the video, but the editing is top notch as well. Keep up the good work!

  • Matt D.

    The entire video was assembled beautifully. From the delivery of the package, the upbeat colorful music, the preparation of the meals……I felt like I could practically taste the food through the screen. I’ve enjoyed your blogs and musical pairings for months now; you guys are doing an awesome job. The only thing keeping me from subscribing to your monthly pairing is the fact that I don’t have a turntable to play the wonderful records you send out. Winning the turntable would give me that step in the direction of being a true audiophile and an even more loyal participant with the Turntable Kitchen

  • Matt Chartrand

    I love the care taken with all the food. Stopping to put on music while you cook allows you to be very deliberate with your meal and enjoy it that much more.

  • DonHielo

    The music was perfect, very aspirational and appropriate for your Pairings Box audience. The shot at 1:20, peering over the edge of the pan/serving dish while you were adding the finishing touch to the eggplant was perfect.

    I believe the Pro-Ject Debut III turntable would make a solid replacement for my broken record player and the lush red would complement my mahogany wood floor so well.

  • Karmagh

    The combination of two of the greatest things on Earth… amazing food and awesome music. Plain and simple.

  • Karmagh

    Oh…. and of course, vinyl!

  • Karmagh

    Combining the two best things in the world…. amazing food & great music on vinyl. Plain and simple.

  • Reminding me to take the time to put on some music while I cook.

  • Anabanana123321

    I liked the part where the eggplant was placed on the grill, just because it made me feel for a moment that I might actually like eggplant :p
    also it just looked really nice.

    I’d love to win because I’m in my teens and am yet to create a record collection-something I am desperate to do, but unfortunately am lacking the money to start one, making this prize the perfect giveaway as it would allow me to spend what money I have on new records, rather than just the equipment.

  • Wow, this is great. The best part of the video is this is what I do all the time! Cook while my records are spinning. So glad to see it part of other peoples lives. Great music and food are what bring friends together.

  • RichieRich

    nooooooooooooooooooooooo! too late!

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