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Sky High Banana and Homemade Nutella Sandwich: The Lies We Tell

Sky High Banana and Homemade Nutella Sandwich

We all lie to ourselves on a daily basis. Whether it’s a little or a lot, about the small stuff or the big stuff, these lies get us through our day-to-day. And if you don’t believe it, you’re lying to yourself.

You might not think of it as lying, your moral soul, you. You tell yourself you’ll be in the office by 9 am even though a shower and a long commute await and the clock already reads 8:30. You might say to yourself: this muffin is healthy! Or argue that you absolutely need a new pair of jeans. And you might tell yourself you’re ok, even when you are not.

My lies usually involve things I should do but know I won’t do. I have good intentions, as most of us do. Where things get messy is when we end up making promises to ourselves that we just can’t keep. We’re no longer able to convince ourselves of our own little white lies, the ones that are healthy and normal.

After a recent frustrating day with my daughter, I realized for the first time that try as I might to mold her life around mine, for the next few years (at least), it’s going to be more about her than about me. Said event was my first-ever trip to the Alameda Antiques Faire where Neko proceeded to fuss the entire time and after some stressed-out, uninspired browsing we got back in the car to go home. I always sort of knew this was how life with young kids was. No laid-back strolling. No middle of the day, spontaneous cocktails. No spur-of-the-moment decisions. One day is brilliant, magical. The next, forget about whatever plans you made.

Sky High Banana and Homemade Nutella Sandwich

Maybe it’s because I don’t have any siblings, or I have some seriously cool mom friends who seem to be able to handle motherhood with much more finesse, but I had convinced myself that my life didn’t have to change one bit.

Sky High Banana and Homemade Nutella Sandwich

I’ve been telling myself little lies for months now. I can still be friends with every single friend I’ve had since junior high. I can still keep up with all the phone calls and emails. I can still post a new recipe here 3 times per week. I could totally be a mom full time, if I wanted to. I won’t feel guilty, like those other moms do.

I was one of those women who, prior to having a child, wondered, how could you not have 10 minutes to call someone? How can you say you’re ‘busy’ on maternity leave?

I swallowed a humble pill, and a lot of toast with (homemade) nutella.

Sky High Banana and Homemade Nutella Sandwich
*Homemade Nutella recipe adapted from Whole Grain Mornings

serves 1-2

2-4 slices of thick-cut country style bread (we love Josey Baker bread, made here in San Francisco)
plenty of butter
1 banana
homemade Nutella (recipe, below)
powdered sugar

For the homemade ‘Nutella’:

1 cup of hazelnuts, toasted + skinned
1/4 cup of dark cocoa powdered (not sweetened)
1/2 cup of powdered sugar
pinch of kosher salt
3/4 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract (or seeds scraped out from 1 vanilla bean)
2 tablespoons of canola oil

1. To make the homemade Nutella: add the hazelnuts to a food processor and blitz until the nuts make a smooth butter. This should take about 3 minutes. Scrape down the sides of the food processor bowl, as needed.
2. Add the cocoa powder, powdered sugar, vanilla extract or seeds, salt and oil. Process until creamy (about 1 minute). Store homemade Nutella in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to six weeks (betcha it won’t last that long).
3. To make the sandwich: melt 1-2 tablespoons of butter and generously grease both sides of each piece of toast. Heat a skillet or grill pan over medium-high and toast bread for a few minutes on each side until golden (or grill marks develop, if you’re using a grill pan).
4. Cut the banana into 1- 2 inch thick slices. Generously spread homemade Nutella on one side of toast. Top with 4-6 banana slices (you want to cover the entire piece of bread with the spread and banana). Top with second piece of toast and dust with powdered sugar. Eat warm.

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Posted by Kasey

Kasey is the food editor and co-founder of Turntable Kitchen. She loves dark chocolate, warm crusty bread, and traveling to new places. She speaks Russian, but does not like vodka.

  • I’ve got Hazelnuts on my shelf because I promised myself I’d make homemade nutella next time the jar ran out. I just bought a new jar. Gosh I wish I lived closer and we’d have a planned “spontaneous” middle of the day cocktail with kids screaming in the background because they inevitably will. Today is one of those bad days for us. Nothing is working. I just want to make granola (Megan’s) and she just wants to be held. As always, you are a gem. I couldn’t resonate with you more. xoxoxo

  • Laura

    When it comes time for me to start having babes, I know I’ll be looking here for a dose of real-life motherly goodness. Seriously, Kasey. I think you could give aaaaaallll the strictly baby mama blogs a run for their money. Plus my fave sandwich all classed up with homemade nutella? You win.

  • April

    Thanks for another refreshingly honest post. It’s always a pleasure to visit your site.

  • Oh man, I wish we lived closer, too! I know I need to get better about handling unpredictability and managing my own stress…cocktails and friends ALWAYS help which is why I’ve got a date night with girlfriends tonight 🙂 xoxo

  • Oy! I hoped to gawd I never become a mom blogger, but I guess I’m a mom and a blogger so…ah, shit. I am glad to share the mommyhood is messy and anyone who says otherwise is LYING! But, I’m so grateful for the opportunity to know such a special little lady, who waltzes around doing silly dances and tries to wear her momma’s shoes AND potholders. xoxo

  • Thank you, April! Comments like yours make this a very special place for me. x

  • I always, always, always love your honesty Kasey. I feel like I always learn so much from your posts and they always make me think.

  • That is a HUGE compliment, Kathryn. THANK YOU! x

  • I truly admire your honesty. Parenthood changes everything, but not everyone is willing to acknowledge that these changes are not always magical, so to speak.

  • Thank you so much, Joshua. There are a lot of magical moments, but plenty of challenging ones.

  • Nicole Spiridakis

    Oh, Kasey, I can totally relate to this. I think at the beginning (well — she’s still only 6 1/2 months old) I still had the mindset of oh sure, we can still go off to Pt. Reyes or take a long walk or go out for dinner … and we DID do some of these things. But I didn’t realize beforehand that a) how freakin’ tired we would be and b) sometimes she was having a bad day and it was just impossible. So I pretty quickly tempered my expectations and now have pared way, way down and so when we do get to do some stuff like have a long(er) lunch (though frankly our lifestyle is 100% different here in Casablanca than it was in SF) and it’s fine I am incredibly grateful! I hope this ‘take it as it comes’ attitude will stay as she gets older, and it will be even tougher at times. Thinking good thoughts your way!

  • You are a wise one, my friend. I still think my expectations are too high for the everyday reality 🙂 I think instead, I just need to try to be better about making time for things I really enjoy without feeling guilty that I’m leaving her. In the end, we’re both happier. I imagine one day we’ll look back at THESE days and wonder what we ever had to complain about…ah, youth.

  • Yep, I lie to myself all day long about accomplishing the items on my to-do list, and I don’t even have a kid! I wish that I could accept my limitations without sighing like I’ve failed every time. Working on that. Your honesty on the matter is brave and refreshing, Kasey.

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