Single Serving: Salt Cathedral - Rainy Day - Turntable Kitchen
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Single Serving: Salt Cathedral – Rainy Day

Salt Cathedral - Rainy Day

Brooklyn-by-way-of-Columbia Salt Cathedral have quickly proven themselves to be one of our favorite new artists from 2013. In fact, we liked them so much we invited them to be a featured artist in our Pairings Box; we included their debut EP in our list of 2013’s Top EPs; and we continue to blast their jams in our home regularly. And their latest release (a b-side from their self-titled EP) is yet another example of why we love them so much. The thoughtful, swaggering groove is built from a shifting, irregular rhythm and swirling guitar riffs to accompany Juliana Ronderos’ bright, lovely vocals. It’s beautifully textured, thoughtfully composed, and still incredibly catchy. Take a listen.

The self-titled EP is available to purchase from their Bandcamp (until they’re sold out).