SIngle Serving: Jacob 2-2 - Empire Plaza - Turntable Kitchen
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SIngle Serving: Jacob 2-2 – Empire Plaza

Jacob 2-2 - Empire Plaza

This jam by Jacob 2-2 is just killing me. It’s built on a funky, sputtering beat and an amalgamation of quivering, chirping, and smooth samples and synths. The bio explains the album’s inspiration:

“A common motif found in youth-oriented sci-fi and fantasy films of the 1980′s is the image of the young protagonist, isolated in his/her own playroom. Often he/she is placed under such supervision for purposes of research or quarantine due to psychic powers, alien interaction, or robotic physiology. Alone with toys and televisions, the child is free to create and to consume stimuli from the outside world, but not to interact with it.

Jacob 2-2‘s new album Herbivore attempts to re-create this fictional universe, or perhaps an expression of the child’s psychology that extended into adulthood, suspended in an isolated, diminutive, and asexual state, where the only joy is found internally within the imagination.”

Sounds rad, right? Anyways, turn up the volume and click play.

The album, Herbivore, is out on September 23rd via King Deluxe.