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Single Servings: TRAAMS – Ladders EP

TRAAMS - Ladders EP

Blasting out blistering waves of their own gritty brand of Krautrock, Chichester-based trio TRAAMS call to mind the shattered rock jams of groups like Pavement, Neu!, and Gang of Four. Wondering about that name? They told The Fly in a recent interview that it’s a aviation-industry acronym for “Time Reference Angle of Arrival Measurement System.” They further explained: “We liked the the way it tied in with the music, of things being linear, directional, [and having this] forward momentum.” Makes total sense to me. Take a listen to a pair of tracks from their Ladders EP.

You can score TRAAMS Ladders EP from FatCat Records. Speaking of aviation terms, it’s a good time to share our final reminder about the #HDmoment campaign. As I’ve previously mentioned, Häagen-Dazs has asked me to partner with them again as their music curator for their “moments for me” campaign. As part of the campaign, they are asking their fans to share their favorite moments this season on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #HDMoment to help create the narrative for their “moment for me” story. Planning any summer travels? That’d be a great time to share one of your moments. I’ve been sharing my “me moments” online and I’ll also be watching for other people who use the hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and resharing my favorites. You can find out more by visiting