Single Serving: MØ - Maiden & Pilgrim - Turntable Kitchen
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Single Serving: MØ – Maiden & Pilgrim

Copenhagen’s 23 year-old chanteuse has stolen my heart with little more than a pair of sexy electro-pop jams. Give her a chance and I’m sure she’ll have yours as well. Both “Maiden” and “Pilgrim” are smoky, bright and clean. “Pilgrim” is a neon-lit and brassy groove kissed with stuttering synths and slinking low end. “Maiden” is a slick, punchy jam that blends smokey jazz with noir synth-pop. In the end, I’ve only got one word to describe these tunes: irresistible. She gets my highest recommendation.

MØ – Pilgrim
MØ – Maiden

She’s got a nice tumblr that you should follow.