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A Small Request…

Photo credit: The lovely Stephanie Hua of rockin’ blog Lick My Spoon.

I couldn’t be more excited about our upcoming trip to Sicily. I love when nighttime reading is a travel guide. I can go to sleep thinking about all of the places I’ll see, the tasty food I’ll eat, the photos I’ll take, and that incredible feeling of everything around you being absolutely brand new. It’s like being born! Ok, not to sound too dramatic, but traveling is my absolute favorite thing in the world (probably tied with cooking and eating!) so a trip on the horizon means a lot of planning and anticipation.

We’ll be renting a car and driving around the island for two weeks and I was wondering: have you been? Do you have any recommendations for us? Where should we visit? Where should we stay? What should we eat? What Sicilian slang should we learn beforehand?

Time to brush up on my italiano, amici!