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Single Serving: Mickey Brown – Soul Glo

Mickey Brown’s Soul Glo was my best kept music secret in the final quarter of 2010.  I had received this album some time ago, and totally tripped out on it.  This playful haunted house of an album is the project of L.A.’s Mickey Mickey Rourke and Canada’s Les Brown.  It was receiving copious spins through the hard drive of my iPod as I rode MUNI metro trains and wandered through rainy streets of San Francisco last month.  And it was perfect for these occasions.  It is packed full of bizarre compositions that are still ridiculously catchy and fun: distorted rhythms, weird sonic sleights of hand, and idiosyncratic harmonies bubble up through pure lo-fi pop melodies.  In other words, if you like experimental pop music, you’re going to feel this.  And personally I find it amazing just how successful the duo are at crafting 16 unique tracks while still retaining a distinct  musical vision.  I had planned to post about it some time ago, and then got caught up with the holidays and best of lists, and let it slip through the cracks until I stumbled upon it again this morning.  The odds are very high that many reader’s initial reaction will be along the lines of WTF instead of OMG, but I promise you it is worth letting this one soak in.  In addition to the tracks below a few other highlights include “Dream Drip,” “Lost Girls,” “Never Cry,” and album opener “Wild Child.”  So go download this album from Bandcamp and let’s get weird 2011.

Mickey Brown – H.Y.F.
Mickey Brown – We Creep
Mickey Brown – Melt Me (feat. Roberto Antonio)

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