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The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning

Dear readers,

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors.  You may have overheard alt-bros taking about it while watching new buzzbands at some chill festival. Or maybe you just noticed that people were dining out or baking more frequently or otherwise drowning their sorrows in their favorite foods and drinks.  For some, it may even appear as if the sun itself were setting earlier and earlier every day (this has been true for me).  And so, today I write this to confirm that the rumors are true: Kasey and I will soon be leaving & behind us.

Nonetheless, we invite you to see this, not as an end of an era, but instead, as a new beginning.  Indeed, for us — this is a rebirth.  You see, Kasey and I had come to realize that we had outgrown the WordPress and Blogger templates that had defined us for so long.  And, as a result we also began to realize that it was time for a new home.  And so, where you once sought to discover the absolute best in new music at Musical Pairings, and previously discovered the finest recipes at eating/sf, we hope to soon welcome you to Turntable Kitchen where you can continue to find amazing new sonic delights and startlingly yummy culinary treasures.

You can still expect the same fantastic content– mouth-watering recipes, savory Musical Pairings, freshly-baked Single Servings, sugar-sweet mixtapes, tongue-tingling reviews, and more–but located in a brand new home.  And in case you were wondering, yes, in time the sun will begin to rise earlier, and again hang majestically in the sky a little longer each day, as it had once before.

We’re still working on the site (but don’t worry, we’ll still be blogging here and at eating/sf leading up to the transition). To make sure you stay up to date with the launch and any news, please visit and enter your email address–we promise we won’t share it with anyone and will only use it as a way to get in touch once we launch the new site.

We are very excited about this change, and we hope you are too.  We’d love it if you would please start following our new Twitter account and Facebook page. We can’t wait to have you over to our new home!  In the meantime, enjoy this mini-mix I prepared to celebrate our news!

James Brown – Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag
Dum Dum Girls – New Beginning
Tricky – Brand New You’re Retro
St. Vincent – Just The Same But Brand New
Metric – Ending Start (Acoustic on MPR 4/10/06)

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