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Single Serving: Hammocks & Honey – Spellbinder EP

You may recall reading about Australian duo Hammocks and Honey (a.k.a. Prudence Rees-Lee and Alex Nosek) on these pages not so long ago.  And if you do, then you’ll probably be excited to hear that they have put the finishing touches on their debut EP which is titled Spellbinder and is now ready for a digital release on November 1st and for a physical release on limited-edition (only 250 copies) solid-gold vinyl(!) on November 22nd.   The EPs five tracks feature Prue’s feather-light vocals floating gently alongside luscious melodies commingled with spacious, textured atmospherics and crisp rhythms that are pulled taut across clean, synth-infused soundscapes.  Give ’em a listen below, and then head over to their website for info on preordering the EP.

Hammocks & Honey – Toolz (Feat. Juan el Hombre del Coro)

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